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  • Signal Generator - Test & Measurement

    Vector signal generators, analog signal generators, baseband and modulation generators.Baseband, RF and microwave signal generators from Rohde & Schwarz excel in signal quality, flexibility and usability. Rohde & Schwarz signal generators offer wide frequency ranges up to 67 GHz (up to 170 GHz with frequency multipliers), feature modulation bandwidths up to 2 GHz and support all major mobile communications

  • R&S®AMU-K84 LTE Release 9 + Enhanced Features

    The R&S®AMU-K84 option for the R&S®AMU200A covers all relevant LTE Release 9 physical layer features. Key FactsLTE Release 9 is the intermediate step on the LTE evolution path from Release 8 to LTE-Advanced (=Release 10). The R&S® AMU-K84 option for the R&S® AMU200A covers all relevant LTE Release 9 physical layer features.

  • Firmware for R&S®AMU-K84 LTE Release 9 + Enhanced Features

    Title Versions Last Modified File Size System Update for Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators 08.08.200811 MB

  • R&S®AMU-K85 LTE Release 10 / LTE-Advanced

    Mandatory prerequisite for the R&S®AMU-K85 option is the R&S®AMU-K55 LTE option.Quick LinksR&S®AMU-K55 Digital Standard EUTRA/LTER&S®AMU-K69 LTE Closed-Loop BS TestR&S®AMU-K84 LTE Release 9 + Enhanced Features

  • R&S®AMU-K69 LTE Closed-Loop BS Test

    Please see “R&S®SMU-K69 LTE Closed-Loop BS Test” for further details.Quick LinksR&S®AMU-K55 Digital Standard EUTRA/LTER&S®AMU-K84 LTE Release 9 + Enhanced FeaturesR&S®AMU-K85 LTE Release 10 / LTE-Advanced

  • R&S®AMU-K55 Digital Standard EUTRA/LTE

    R&S®AMU-K55 is updated regularly as the LTE standard evolves.Quick LinksR&S®AMU-K85 LTE Release 10 / LTE-AdvancedR&S®AMU-K84 LTE Release 9 + Enhanced FeaturesR&S®AMU-K69 LTE Closed-Loop BS Test

  • R&S®AMU-K74 MIMO fading

    MIMO mode Required generators 1x2 2x1 2x2 One R&S® AMU200A baseband signal generator and fading simulators 1x3 1x4 2x3 2x4 3x1 4x1 3x2 4x2 Two R&S® AMU200A baseband signal generators and fading simulatorsSimilar fading and baseband functionality is available with the R&S®SMU200A vector signal generatorQuick LinksR&S®AMU-K54 Digital Standard IEEE 802.11nR&S®AMU-K55 Digital Standard EUTRA/LTER&S®AMU-K84

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