Virtual demonstrations of products and services

Virtual demonstrations of products and services

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Using these easy to access online demos and live chats, our expert application engineers will help you to better understand how our products can meet and adapt to your particular needs. Let us help you develop your skills and knowledge of Rohde & Schwarz test instruments, technologies and applications.

Frequent topics


Component characterization under pulsed conditions

  • Introducing the fundamentals of pulsed spectrum measurements and how the narrowband, wideband and pulse profile measurement techniques are implemented in general
  • Highlighting the advantages of a modern vector network analyzer user interface to perform precision characterization measurements and data analysis

Introducing protocol testing for LTE and 5GNR

  • Introducing protocol testing for LTE and 5GNR with the R&S (R)CMW and the R&S(R) CMX
  • Presenting the comprehensive tool set for analysing user equipment messages with R&S(R)CMWmars and creating network scenarios with R&S(R)CMWcards

Making RF measurements for LTE and 5GNR base station applications

  • Introducing RF transmitter and receiver testing with an R&S(R)FSW and R&S(R)SMW200A
  • Introducing transmitter inband-testing and receiver sensitivity testing according to 5GNR 3GPP 38.141-1 and 38.141-2
  • Introducting the benefits of the R&S test case wizard

Automotive Ethernet measurements

  • Triggering and decoding 100BASE-T1 signals; correlating electrical signals with decoded values. Triggering on MAC frames and specific protocol content in errors conditions
  • Running compliance tests on automotive Ethernet signals for transmitter output droop, timing jitter and clock frequency, and transmitter power spectral density
  • Introducing the R&S Scope Suite software for easy configuration and automatic control of measurement equipment

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