Secure Data Exchange

Wideband Interface for External Encryption Devices (e.g. ELCRODAT 4-2, KY58, KY100)

All R&S®M3AR radios conform to STANAG 4204 and STANAG 4205 and can be connected to external encryption devices. This permits the use of state-of-the-art frequency hopping methods with legacy encryption devices, so that systems such as the KY58, which is widely used by NATO, can be combined with HAVE QUICK I/II for instance.

Besides world-class airborne transceivers, Rohde & Schwarz also offers encryption devices that are certified for the highest German and NATO classification levels. The ELCRODAT 4-2 and the R&S®MMC3000 are external encryption devices that can be used with all R&S®M3AR radios for establishing secure radio links.

Tap- and Spoof-Proof Communications Through Integrated Encryption

To protect radio links from tapping and spoofing, the information being transmitted can be encrypted. With the R&S®MR6000A from the R&S®M3AR family, Rohde & Schwarz was the first manufacturer to offer embedded NATO encryption. This eliminates the need for an additional external encryption device. The R&S®MR6000A therefore saves space, reduces weight and is easy to install in the aircraft. The R&S®MR6000A is interoperable with external crypto devices such as the KY57, KY58, KY99, KY100 and ELCRODAT 4-2.

The powerful R&S®SECOS encryption method developed by Rohde & Schwarz is available for all transceivers in the R&S®M3AR family. To load the encryption keys, different protocols are provided. When using the R&S®SECOS method, the encryption keys can be encrypted and transmitted over non-secure lines (black key loading). For NATO encryption keys, the R&S®MR6000A with integrated crypto module uses the DS-101 interface for black key loading.

EPM (ECCM) Methods for Anti-Jam Communications

Electronic protective measures (EPM) protect radio links from electronic countermeasures (ECM) such as jamming. Frequency hopping is an EPM (ECCM) method that is available as an option in all R&S®M3AR radios. The NATO frequency hopping method HAVE QUICK I/II and the state-ofthe-art SATURN method are integrated in the R&S®M3AR family in line with STANAG 4246 and STANAG 4372. These methods ensure a jam-free radio link.

Rohde & Schwarz also developed the R&S®SECOS frequency hopping method, which provides reliable protection against active jamming even at high flight speeds. It can also encrypt voice and data transmissions up to 16 kbit/s. R&S®SECOS has been tried and tested around the world for many years. This method can be integrated in Rohde & Schwarz transceivers in parallel with HAVE QUICK I/II, thus providing the flexibility to participate in national and international missions. When using the R&S®SECOS or SATURN frequency hopping method, voice communications are compressed by means of a CVSD vocoder and then transmitted digitally.

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