Versatile Applications in the UHF Range

Military Airborne Radiocommunications (225 MHz to 399.975 MHz, AM and FM)

Military aircraft rely on the UHF radio band for air-to-air as well as air-to-ground communications for exchanging tactical information with various units.

Military operations are increasingly reliant on radio data capability. Aircraft crews also require mission-critical information in digital form in order to significantly improve situational awareness, for instance. The R&S®M3AR transceivers support radio data transmission with up to 16 kbit/s in different waveforms.

NATO uses the HAVE QUICK I/II and SATURN frequency hopping methods in the UHF range, which can be optionally combined with encryption. These NATO methods can be integrated in the R&S®M3AR transceivers upon request to ensure international interoperability.

R&S®SECOS can operate on any number of frequencies in the entire UHF range. Up to 128 participants can exchange information over a TDMA network. R&S®SECOS supports both voice and data, features embedded encryption and can optionally be installed in parallel with HAVE QUICK I/II. Switching between the methods is made possible by simply changing the preset.

The R&S®MR6000A features a Link 11 interface for participating in tactical data links in the UHF range in line with STANAG 5511 and MIL-STD-188-203-1A.

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