ERA Glonass
ERA Glonass

Russian Federation GOST 55530

Ensure fast emergency call response time

The Russian Federation wishes to introduce intelligent telematics-based vehicle safety systems that will ensure faster emergency response times and ultimately help save lives. ERA-Glonass is an electronic safety in-vehicle systems (IVS) that automatically dials 112, the universal emergency phone number, and alerts local emergency medical services in the event of a serious traffic accident.

ERA-Glonass transfers the location coordinates calculated from the Glonass satellite constellation, the number of passengers and the time of the accident. A voice connection is established in case any of the passenger are able to speak.

ERA-Glonass and eCall are harmonized, but the Russian system carries additional extensions, such as additional SMS functionality, to better support its national infrastructure. As an important safety system, ERA-Glonass systems must be highly reliable. Testing system components can therefore easily become expensive and time-consuming.

Your challenges and the standardization

The Russian government has mandated that all vehicles sold in Russia must comply with the ERA-Glonass standards (GOST 55530). To ensure that your IVS fully complies with the ERA-Glonass standard, it is necessary to verify that it is able to automatically and manually trigger an emergency call and correctly transmit the minimum set of data (MSD) in the correct format. It is also important that the audio quality of the voice connection is sufficiently high (GOST 55531 audio tests).

Benefits of our solutions

  • Time-saving: software tool with ready-to-use test sequences
  • Realistic: simulation of ERA-Glonass constellation and cellular mobile networks
  • Highly reliable: performance testing to verify all information

For more detailed information, see our brochure "Driving tomorrow's mobility".

Customer voices

Christian Obert, CETECOM GmbH

We have a long and established relationship with Rohde & Schwarz. The service is fast, competent and absolutely reliable. In particular with innovations and new services which were developed and established on our side, we can count on the support and the excellent measuring equipment of Rohde & Schwarz. For example, our eCall and ERA-GLONASS services which have been rolled out recently.

Christian Obert, Head of Sales, CETECOM GmbH


Laura Tantinyà

"Rohde & Schwarz was always the first choice when Ficosa was looking for a solution to validate our ERA-Glonass automotive products. From the very beginning, Rohde & Schwarz put all its expertise into advising, the right equipment and tools to ease the path to certification. We, at Ficosa, really value the proper training and sales support provided by Rohde & Schwarz – it makes a difference with high-tech products."

Laura Tantinyà | RF Engineering Supervisor | FICOSA

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