Digital TV ATSC 3.0 standard testing possible with R&S BTC unit

Digital TV receiving equipment and terrestrial tuner chipset manufacturers can test the performance of their products for compliance with the ATSC 3.0 standard using only a single unit.

R&S BTC broadcast test center
R&S BTC broadcast test center

Rohde & Schwarz offers an ATSC 3.0 realtime coder and a waveform testing library for its R&S BTC broadcast test center. As a reference signal generator, the R&S BTC generates the globally used TV and audio broadcasting standards, simulates transmissions and analyses the audio/video functions of DUTs in realtime.

As a realtime option, transmission parameters can be directly changed, which immediately influences signal characteristics and structure. It delivers a complete signal chain, from internal playout of an ATSC 3.0 signal via its modulation to simulating a transmission.

The R&S BTC has two RF paths and additional means of synchronisation via the STL protocol by using timestamps and a 10 MHz and 1 pps reference connection. This makes it ideal for testing equipment for compliance with the new requirements for using single frequency networks (SFN) in ATSC 3.0 networks.

Posted by Chris Dickinson, technology journalist and editor of the Always On blog. 29th December 2017.