IP technology is a big part of IBC 2017
IP technology is a big part of IBC 2017

The future is IP-based but how do we get there?

Recent years have seen the rise in importance of IP-based production strategies and this IBC will be no different.

The halls will resound with companies trying to make their voice heard above the clamour for attention. This poses a difficult challenge for visitors – which technology solution provider represents the best partner to help them chart a safe course towards their IP transition?

Growth in every region

Rohde & Schwarz arrives at IBC 2017 reporting strong revenue and profitability growth. A diversity of new products has fuelled this growth in every geographic region worldwide. Our success can be attributed in part to a long track record of innovation in the broadcast space, ranging from transmission solutions to file-based production tools. Our engineering, product and R&D teams have steadily evolved over many years, and this stability is reflected in the consistent adherence to a strategy that has drilled down deep within broadcast workflows.

We have invested heavily in developing an IP strategy that builds on an extensive SDI heritage. Our customers appreciate Rohde & Schwarz’s commitment to being their trusted partner for the long haul through the transition from baseband SDI to IP-based video workflows.

A consistent customer focus

At Rohde & Schwarz, we have broadcast experience that stretches over many decades: our products are developed by over 3,000 dedicated passionate R&D engineers in Germany. We are financially very stable in the long term, so we’re not distracted from executing on what we have committed to customers. We are very relevant to our customer base, and we take that role extremely seriously.

Developing strategies that encompass IP-based technologies requires real insight and sometimes it needs us to acquire new skills, experience and intellectual property. Sometimes new products evolve within our R&D team and sometimes we look outside our company resources.

Strategic implementation

Based on our own experience of acquiring companies, we know that they have to be implemented carefully and strategically. Owning a new piece of intellectual property does not mean that you understand the market it serves, nor that it will integrate harmoniously within existing product portfolios.

Our customers know we listen to their input as they see new products consistently coming to market that reflect their requirements. Implied in that equation is a trust that we will be around for years to come and that investing in products from Rohde & Schwarz is a smart decision long term.

Many visitors to IBC this year will be actively involved in developing their IP strategy and selecting their technology partners. We welcome you to visit our stand (7.E25) to learn about our IP strategies – we promise that it will be time well spent.

Posted by Stephan Krafft, Rohde & Schwarz Vice President, Marketing & Technical Sales. 7th September 2017.