Broadcast Distribution

Pioneering a new era of broadcast distribution

Discover the new TE1 liquid-cooled transmitter and step into a new era of broadcast distribution

Terrestrial transmission remains a vital part of the broadcast industry and Rohde & Schwarz continues to innovate in this field, leading with technology that adds value, reduces operational costs, and lowers the environmental impact of transmission. The new TE1 transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz embraces the liquid-cooled design and legacy, using proven technology. Thanks to the improved design, by adding the savings in air conditioning to the savings in power consumption, users can expect to see an even higher reduction in carbon footprint and energy bills over current installations.

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Efficiency and Sustainability

The revolutionary new design of the TE1 transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz reduces the power required by up to 40% compared to the average installed base, while maintaining quality and coverage, and in a form which uses intelligent automation to minimize operational and engineering requirements.

New Business Opportunities

With far more flexibility in signal processing, modern transmitter solutions like the Rohde & Schwarz TE1 provide the capabilities needed to go beyond traditional linear TV. It unlocks new opportunities for service delivery and for revenue generation. With Rohde & Schwarz transmitter solutions, all the elements are in place for the “traditional” television transmitter to serve new consumer paradigms and new industries.

Ease of Use

Maintaining a broadcast network is complex, and a major challenge broadcast network operators face is the growing and critical shortage of experienced RF engineers to specify, operate and maintain transmitters. This drives a strong need for a television transmitter which can seize all the benefits of new digital services, but which can be operated with minimal input from specialist engineers.

Remote Transmitter Monitoring Services

Stay in control of your network from anywhere, at anytime with rapid response for serious issues, continuous monitoring of all systems, preventative maintenance and more. The connectivity built into the new TE1 transmitter is designed to provide remote access to all the technical and operational parameters, providing a complete solution. It allows broadcasters to outsource support and maintenance to a dedicated expert service.

Broadcast Distribution

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Rohde & Schwarz transmitters at the top of the world

Rohde & Schwarz transmitters at the top of the world

One World Trade Center, the tallest building in New York City, houses the most prestigious broadcast center in the United States. Eight of the nine broadcast transmitters installed are R&S®THU9evo transmitters used for the stations' primary broadcast from One World Trade Center. Read more in our case study!

eBook: Uncovering ATSC 3.0 revenue

eBook: Uncovering ATSC 3.0 revenue

Explore how U.S. broadcasters, industry stakeholders and most influential experts describe their market realities and the many advanced opportunities ATSC 3.0 offers to enhance monetization of their spectrum and content.

Broadcast Distribution

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How efficient is the new high- power transmitter?
TE1 is the most energy efficient transmitter available on the market. It is 15% more energy efficient than the best current designs. It reduces the power required by at least 40% compared to the average installed base. Designed for sustainable broadcasting in the connected world, it reduces energy costs (reduced power consumption) and carbon footprint.

When will the new high-power transmitter be introduced?
The TE1 will be presented at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 14–17, 2024).

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