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Why a consolidated endpoint security suite is a big advantage

Working in the home office is becoming increasingly popular. Everyday office life is no longer dominated by desktop systems: End devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets are a matter of course. Nevertheless, this also increases the potential points of attack for cyber criminals. Instead of protecting all endpoints individually, endpoint security software offer the advantage of comprehensive protection with a single setup. Find out how you can protect yourself with an endpoint security software while ensuring your employees can work from home or on the road.

Protect your endpoints with an endpoint security software

Tablets, smartphones, laptops and IoT devices have become a matter of course in everyday working life. Every end device poses a security risk, as it serves as a potential gateway for cyber criminals. At the same time, employees today expect to be able to access the company network at any time and from anywhere and not be tied to a fixed workplace. Depending on the area of application, for example in sales, working on the road may even become part of everyday life. With an endpoint security software, organizations and companies can satisfy the desire for flexible remote working while at the same time ensuring the highest level of data security.

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite: comprehensive endpoint security software

  • Easy administration for secure remote connections
  • Employees continue to use their user interface as they are used to
  • Efficient deployment in an exclusively software-based manner
  • No need for additional devices for end users
  • Protection with BSI-compliant cryptographic methods
  • Security mechanisms running in the background
  • Security package with Microsoft® Hyper-V and virtualization based security (VBS) features

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The benefits of an endpoint security software at a glance

In today's digitalized world, every IT infrastructure must consider IT security. In contrast to individual solutions, a security suite that covers all endpoints and a consolidated overall solution offers many advantages. We summarize the most important ones:

  • The coordinated components of the suite enable optimal workflows and improved efficiency.
  • Due to security mechanisms running in the background, there are no changes in the workflow for the users – a guarantee for increased productivity.
  • With an overall solution, instead of many individual solutions, there is less administrative effort.
  • Last but not least, a complete endpoint security suite saves considerable costs.

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Components of an endpoint security suite

An endpoint security software consists of components that protect your endpoints, enable secure connectivity to the corporate network, and ensure the protection of sensitive data even in the event of theft or loss. This modular solution offers the advantage that you only choose the components you need. It can also be upgraded later if necessary, giving you additional flexibility.

The key components of an endpoint security software are:

  • A secure browser
    The greatest weakness of any IT security architecture is the browser. Mindless surfing in the web is enough for hackers to gain access to a computer. At the same time, the use of the Internet is indispensable for professional tasks. A secure browser protects protects against dangers from the net and lets cyber attacks run into the void.
  • Protection of network communication via VPN access
    A VPN client protects network communications, such as a laptop with a government or corporate network, over an untrusted network such as the Internet. The company network can then only be accessed via an encrypted connection. Employees can work flexibly and without restrictions on their mobility - with a secure network connection.
  • Full-disk encryption that protects all data
    When using mobile devices like laptops, potentially more people can access the end device, steal or manipulate data. With full-disk encryption, sensitive data is comprehensively protected - even in the event of theft or loss of the end device.

Save costs with an endpoint security software

Digitalization influences the IT architecture: organizations and companies struggle with hundreds of special solutions; each one tailored to a specific challenge. This means a considerable amount of work for the IT administration. For each solution and each user an admin needs to define appropriate group policies, roles and accesses. This means a considerable organizational effort, which is often perceived as a burden.

Only with an all-inclusive solution, can organizations and companies meet these challenges and protect their data appropriately. An endpoint security suite offers the following advantages:

  • All endpoints are fully protected by an encrypted connection to the network, data encryption and secure web browsing - regardless of where employees are located.
  • You don’t need special hardware for the use of software-based solutions This eliminates the need to purchase new hardware.
  • Furthermore, an endpoint security software only needs one installation - this not only reduces the burden on IT administration staff, but also on your budget. At the same time, IT is comprehensively protected against attacks and remains high-performance - the IT department can concentrate on its processes again without compromising security.

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