Remote secure access

Remote secure access

Location-independent access to all resources

Secure remote access solutions via VPN

Remote secure access is required whenever a computer or network needs to be accessed remotely. This is particularly relevant for companies and organizations that are scattered over several locations. However, commuters, employees on business trips or in the home office are also dependent on access to the company network. In most cases, IT admins realize this remote access via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). They enable a secure and encrypted connection over insecure networks, such as the internet. A VPN connection thus also closes security gaps when employees work in open networks such as public WiFi environments in hotels, airports or hot spots. Learn more about secure secure remote network access through a VPN client and when a hardware- or software-based solution is worthwhile.

Secure remote network access: what is a VPN?

The abbreviation VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". VPN is a self-contained network. With the appropriate access credentials, users get remote secure access to the company’s network from anywhere: whether in the home office, while traveling or while working at another location. With remote access via VPN, employees can also log into the company network while on the move and access hard drives or their professional e-mail inbox. Another advantage: a Virtual Private Network allows virtually anonymous surfing in the internet, thus providing additional security. A VPN greatly increases security in decentralized work environments and protects user’s data from hackers.

R&S®Trusted VPN: Worldwide remote secure access

R&S®Trusted VPN Client: Worldwide remote secure access

  • Secure & location-independent working
  • Software-based VPN client: Supports modern, off-the-shelf hardware platforms. No external devices are required to establish VPN connection.
  • Modern encryption technology
  • Easy, central administration
  • Data Loss Prevention: sensitive classified data never flows over untrusted networks.
  • Friendly network detection: end device determines that it is located within your organization. Communicates directly with your intranet without a VPN connection.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Learn more about R&S®Trusted VPN Client now.

Secure remote network access with VPN: Working in a tunnel

Anyone who uses the internet with a end device sends a request to the server of the corresponding website via the respective provider. The server in return replies and transfers the data to the end device used. An IP address is required for this. Although this is anonymous, it can still provide information about the user's online activities. Particularly risky: In public WiFis, such as at airports or in hotels, attackers can easily read any communication and sensitive data. This is where remote secure access via VPN comes into play: The VPN service builds an invisible tunnel between the device and one or more intermediate. This server then also makes the request to the target server – which in turn does not respond to its own IP address, but to that of the VPN service. The server of the VPN service then passes the answer on to the user.

The IP address remains anonymous and potential attackers cannot read data and communication sent: The user and its data remains anonymous while surfing the internet. In contrast to a "normal" internet connection, the network is encrypted and all data is transmitted securely. This enables you to a secure remote network access.

Decentralized working – remote secure access via VPN infrastructure

In a digitalized world, decentralized working is key. Remote secure access via VPN solutions enable secure and encrypted data exchange across national borders. To enable employees to secure remote access to the network and business applications, companies and organizations must implement a VPN infrastructure. It should be noted that the more work is done in the home office or on the road, the higher the data volume increases. For this reason, a VPN infrastructure must be designed to handle large volumes of data. When choosing your VPN solution, also consider the possibility of simple and central administration.

A suitable VPN solution enables even network administrators without a special security or VPN background to quickly set it up and maintain a highly secure network.

VPN as secure remote access network access: hardware or software?

When it comes to VPN, there are numerous secure remote access solutions on the market to protect the internet connection. Users have to choose between VPN hardware and VPN software.

If you want to benefit from particularly high operational security and at the same time rely on optimal encryption, you are well advised to use special hardware. Because: Even those who access the Internet with an end device that does not support a VPN client must ultimately use VPN hardware.

In most cases, however, a software-based VPN secure remote access solution is sufficient. A big advantage: Remote access via VPN software saves costs, as no additional hardware is required. Simply install the VPN software on existing hardware. When choosing a software-based solution, make sure it is suitable for Microsoft® Windows 10 endpoints. This way you avoid having to purchase more expensive hardware solutions in the future.

In both cases, a solution approved by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) promises the highest level of security. Especially if you work with sensitive data, you should rely on a VS-NfD (RESTRICTED) approved VPN solution.

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