Cybersecurity for education

Cybersecurity for education

IT security sets a precedent on schools

Protected network access and GDPR-compliant data transmission: Cybersecurity for modern education

Schools, universities and other educational institutions need to be able to offer their students network architectures that are fail-safe, offer high-availability and cybersecurity. An individual, modern IT security architecture is a special challenge to counter security threats and to fend off cyber attacks, because cyber security on schools must be secure, fail-safe, powerful, GDPR-compliant and ideally cost-sensitive.

Digitalization offers numerous advantages, especially for teaching and knowledge acquisition in the education sector. The networking of different locations facilitates the information and knowledge transfer. In addition, more and more students, teachers and employees of the administration sector use end devices such as smartphones and tablets. Open WiFi access in educational institutions such as universities, technical colleges and libraries is today an integral part of contemporary learning. The degree of digitalization can determine the success of improving educational institutions. Additionally, digital media in teaching can improve learning outcomes. However, cybersecurity on schools is key when it comes to schools and other educational institutions.

Benefits of cybersecurity on schools

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity helps schools and other educational institutions to protect digital education in order to make them future-proof and fail-safe – and to make the data of all those involved secure. Therefore, we support you with:

  • Compliance with data protection requirements (e.g. GDPR) when working in public clouds.
  • Encryption of data traffic, especially large amounts of data, between the different locations of an educational institution.
  • Protection of intellectual property and private user data.
  • Protecting data stored on servers and in clouds from external and unauthorized internal access.
  • Securely exchange sensitive data and information.
  • Protection of school PCs and the educational network from external attacks. Cybersecurity on schools includes ransomware or zero-day exploits, thanks to the secure browser strategy.

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Cybersecurity on schools: From the cloud to data security & privacy

In the education sector, you are simultaneously working with sensitive data and information, from ratings and grades to personal data and access data to web applications and educational platforms. This forces institutions to deal with network security, identify potential risks and find appropriate solutions to protect sensitive data. The access to information via private end devices must be protected by suitable encryption technologies. The implementation of VPN is such an example.

"We have two basic concepts for pushing security: First, internet-intranet separation. Second, we perform isolation on the computer itself."
Clemens Schulz, Director Desktop Security Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

Yet, very few institutions in the education sector have large budgets for individual cyber security solutions. Many schools and universities today therefore rely on cloud-based solutions for office applications, data exchange and collaboration.

Cloud applications and services are often available at a reasonable cost and require little administrative effort – but how can you make cyber security on schools GDPR-compliant?

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