Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Why cybersecurity in manufacturing companies is crucial

Reliable network infrastructures against cyber attacks on manufacturing companies

Plants, production goods, nonetheless the entire manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly connected. This generates gigantic amounts of data on all levels and enables you to make data-driven decisions in real time.

To be able to use the full potential of this development towards intelligent production processes, manufacturing companies have to invest in IT security. They are obliged to provide reliable, digital services and secure data transmission. In order to protect sensitive business information and personal data against cyber attacks, it is necessary that you take technical and organizational measures in all relevant supply chains. This includes third-party suppliers.

Benefits of cybersecurity in manufacturing companies

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity in your production environment helps you to achieve a significant competitive advantage. The reliability of your processes will be your USP. Here are your benefits at a glance:

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How to successfully implement cybersecurity in manufacturing

Through a comprehensive cybersecurity concept, your manufacturing company can benefit perfectly from connected production facilities and intelligent manufacturing processes. To this end, we are setting up solutions for IT security to protect networks, the interception attempts and the manipulation of data during transmission between different devices.

We also support you in protecting the data generated by networked production goods in order to ensure that no sensitive information is stolen or released to the public. Dedicated solutions for web applications, web services and cloud security help to protect your network architecture in your modern manufacturing environment.

Powerful and secure data transmission

Powerful and secure data transmission

A key element of IT security

The introduction of cybersecurity solutions in companies is sometimes regarded as a necessary evil. IT security is often not seen as an integral part of the value added chain and is thus deemed an unnecessary expense. The reasons behind this are e.g. the belief that the implementation of IT security technology will lead to reciprocal effects and require modifications to operational processes and to the configuration of the existing IT infrastructure.

However, due to the growing threat of cyberattacks and their enormous potential for damage, security mechanisms are indispensable. By providing and realizing the secure transmission of data in modern networks, companies and authorities are implementing an indispensable fundamental element of IT security. Get to know more in our whitepaper.

Featured cybersecurity for manufacturing

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Your monthly cybersecurity update

Your monthly cybersecurity update

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