Advanced persistent threats

Advanced persistent threats

How to protect your organization against APTs

Advanced Persistent Threats IT security solutions – the best protection against industrial espionage

Public authorities, industrial companies and the financial sector are threatened by APTs or Advanced Persistent Threats – because these are the areas where particularly sensitive information is handled. In contrast to conventional attacks, APTs only target a single victim or a small group of victims.

The main goal of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) is to penetrate systems and steal data. They try to remain undetected for as long as possible, so that secret data can be captured over longer periods of time. In order to achieve this overall goal, they deliberately avoid causing other damage that could draw attention to the attacker.

As the name suggests, these Advanced Persistent Threat attacks are particularly complex threats to the security of long-term information and are difficult to detect. APTs look for holes to penetrate your corporate network. The latter is often exploited by an infected USB device, phishing email, or drive-by download.

Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats for cooperations

In the fight against Advanced Persistent Threats, decision-makers face persistent challenges. One of the biggest is the fact that there is no universal remedy and the criminal energy of the attackers should not be underestimated. Conventional cybersecurity solutions such as email spam filters, anti-virus software or firewalls are ineffective in the fight against Advanced Persistent Threats. It is therefore necessary to counter them with a combination of different methods and to sensitize employees to the possible dangers and train them appropriately. Additional complexity is caused by the need to keep existing technologies up to date - regular updates are a must. Advanced Persistent Threat attacks can usually only be identified by anomalies in the outgoing data. Special attention must therefore be paid to these anomalies.

Benefits of our Advanced Persistent Threat solutions

  • Holistic security solution for effective protection against ATPs.
  • Protect your endpoints as the main gateway with an effective browser security solution.
  • A web application firewall prevents your websites from becoming a gateway for malware. Uploading infected files is generally impossible because all uploaded files are analyzed via our enterprise anti-virus engine (based on the ICAP protocol of the web application firewall).
  • Create isolated enterprise environments so that potentially dangerous files can be opened in an isolated area.

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What is the difference between APT and malware?

Most malware programs execute a fast malicious attack, but APTs take a more strategic approach. Attackers gain access to systems through traditional malware such as Trojans or phishing, but then cover their tracks to sneak around the network and spread their attack software.

Why are APT attacks so successful?

Advanced Persistent Threats are long-lasting, targeted cyber attacks that leave intruders on a network undetected for an extended period of time. APTs are so complex that they require full-time administrators to maintain the compromised systems and software on the target network.

What is the main goal of an APT attack?

The main targets of APTs are public authorities, research institutions, critical infrastructures, large and medium-sized high-tech companies, military institutions and the defence industry and their suppliers and partner companies.

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