Work from home cybersecurity

Work from home cybersecurity

How to ensure data security while working from home

Work from home cybersecurity – wherever you are working

If new digital processes, technologies and their applications are not yet established, IT security is sometimes neglected. We would therefore like to give you an overview of how work from home and cybersecurity can be ensured and how time and resources can be best used to protect against cyber threats and poorer (broad) perimeter protection. Data security in the home office should always have top priority.

Remote working offers tremendous opportunities for government agencies, businesses and organizations to accelerate their digital transformation, with the help of "Bring your own device" (BYOD) and cloud applications. For data security and IT security, these flexible ways of working often go hand in hand with enormous challenges when it comes to abruptly converting the IT infrastructure of one's own organization to remote access overnight. Authorities and organizations then find themselves in a kind of rapid digitalization process – a situation for which only very few are sufficiently prepared. That is why we show you below how you can guarantee work from home cybersecurity.

Benefits of our work from home IT security solutions

We are your reliable and trustworthy partner at all times. To help you in your innovation process, we have prepared special offers, social media activities and downloadable assets so that you can continue to work from home and integrate cybersecurity together to create a safer, connected world. Learn more about home office cyber security topics like:

  • IT Security & Data Security
  • Communication channels & contact points
  • Physical home office security measures
  • WiFi & password security in the home office
  • Phishing & CEO fraud
  • VPN - Secure communication in the home office
  • MFA & 2FA - Secure passwords for secure applications
  • Operating systems, web applications and apps
  • IT security for decentralized work in the home office
  • Secure communication across different sites

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How can companies ensure that employees can work securely remotely?

Organizations and government agencies need to ensure that their business-critical data is secure - especially when employees are working from home or remotely. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) protect sensitive information by connecting endpoints to a secure VPN-gateway. A VPN – also available as a client version purely software-based – encrypts web traffic so that no one can gain unauthorized access to data, whether it be a hacker, competing organization or government.

Is working from home a potential vulnerability for IT security?

Working from home can be a potential security vulnerability if organizations and businesses set up home office workstations for employees without adequately considering work from home cyber security. Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity recommends fast, stable and secure network connections, the provision of VPN solutions and the purchase of suitable hardware and software solutions. You will find a number of simple measures in our short articles to raise security awareness for IT security in mobile working and protect work equipment as well as a set of cybersecurity solutions that you can use in your company to enable employees to work remotely.

What security procedures can companies adopt for employees working from home?

Companies are best served by a mix of the latest hardware and software and the use of VPN by their home office employees. We have compiled further tips & best practices for resilient, location-independent cyber security in our free guide to working from home security.

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