Ransomware protection

How to protect your company from ransomware

Prevention is the best ransomware protection

Ransomware is a threatening attack scenario for IT security. To protect your information and avoid future ransom payments, you must meet these challenges. They mainly consist in choosing the right security solutions and regular data protection measures against ransomware.

Bad Rabbit, Emotet, Petya, Ryuk, Sodinokibi, WannaCry or NotPetya represent a special form of ransomware that infects computers and networks, that leads to total system failure. In order to regain control of the data, companies and organizations are often prepared to pay the large sums of ransom demanded by the attackers. Mostly because they don’t have ransomware prevention in place.

Cyber criminals gain considerable power over corporate computer systems, because once a computer is infected, ransomware quickly spreads across the entire network. It causes even greater damage, because the unwanted encryption of data means that it is no longer available. Ransomware protection is therefore a central goal when it comes to data security and data protection. In case of a successful ransomware attack and with no respective security measures in place, organizations are confronted with violating GDPR regulations. They have to prepare for high penalities.

A partial aspect is the maintenance of the implemented IT solutions and their updating. Those responsible must maintain an overview of all processes in order to reduce the probability of a ransomware attack. If you take up the challenge and implement comprehensive protective ransomware protection measures, you will benefit from a lower risk of your company's data being encrypted.

The holistic 10-point plan for ransomware prevention.

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Benefits of our ransomware protection solutions

  • Comprehensive protection for your company's devices with the secure browser solution that includes a shielded virtualized browser for accessing external Internet sites.
  • Web Application Firewalls prevent your websites from becoming a gateway for ransomware.
  • Basic prevention of uploading infected files by analyzing all uploaded files via our Enterprise Anti-Virus Engine (based on the ICAP protocol of the web application firewall).

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What are ransomware attacks?

In case of being hit by ransomware, cyber criminals deny access to data and computers. The digital blackmailers encrypt the victims' files on the compromised system and hold them "hostage" until the ransom is paid.

What are the most common methods used to smuggle ransomware into an end device?

Spam emails, infected removable drives hidden in legitimate software bundles, hacked or compromised websites or malware like Emotet or WannaCry. Malware can also reach the internal network via uploads (or injections) to one of your websites.

What does ransomware protection offer?

Against the kind of malware that extorts money for the release of encrypted data and end devices, as is the case with ransomware Trojans, solutions that provide real-time security while surfing help. With R&S®Browser in the Box, for example, Rohde & Schwarz cybersecurity prevents malware infection from the very beginning. The principle is called "security by design" and also prevents malware infecting the network via mail file attachments on Windows and under iOS.

When does ransomware encryption of data by Trojans belong to the reportable incidents according to the GDPR?

Companies as well as authorities have to report a data protection violation in the context of a ransomware attack to the supervisory authority if data cannot be recovered. Or the period of time until the data can be recovered is so long that this leads to a not insignificant impairment of customers.

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Your monthly cybersecurity update

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