Network encryption

Network encryption

Network encryption solutions to protect your organization from espionage

Network encryption – for secure, digital communication

Network encryption solutions protect your sensitive data & communication

It is essential for organizations, enterprises as well as public authorities to secure digital communications – to protect privacy and sensitive information. This is where network encryption comes into play. It runs completely transparent for end users, meaning: Your data is only encrypted during transmission, so that it is not encrypted for either the sender or the recipient.

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity ensures that your confidential data is end-to-end encrypted when it is transmitted over a computer network. To this end, we use modern cryptography at various points in the network to give you reliable protection against complex methods of attack. With network encryption, data leaks are no longer an issue for you.

The advantages of digitalization and communication via networks are accompanied by challenges to secure data communication and production processes in cybersecurity. Increased networking and the growing exchange of data via networks makes them interesting for attackers due to the increased number of attack vectors. Cybersecurity and network security are therefore a particularly high priority for companies, public authorities and operators of critical infrastructure (e.g. in the energy or health sector).

To protect intellectual property and sensitive business information, i.e. to secure data, mathematical methods are therefore used, and algorithms and techniques are developed to ensure confidentiality, integrity and authentication in data transmission. Even though cloud technologies and big data applications offer organizations many competitive advantages and enable public authorities and the public sector to run more efficient digital processes, the data connections between data centers and corporate networks are often insufficiently protected against manipulation. Optical and electrical data lines can still be intercepted with little effort. Network encryption now includes the encryption of all data and messages transmitted over a computer network. This encryption takes place primarily on layer-2 (data link layer, Ethernet protocol) of the OSI model. In encryption procedures for IP-based networks, encryption is carried out with the Internet Protocol (IPsec) encryption technology over wide area networks at layer-3 (network layer, protocol: TCP/IP).

Advantages of our network encryption solutions

  • High-performance encryptors that protect the connections between data centers and company locations (WAN: Wide Area Networks) from eavesdropping attempts and manipulation.
  • Secure data transmission on layer-2 from 25 Mbit/s up to 40 Gbit/s
  • Modern cryptographic methods and standards (elliptical curves, AES, X.509)
  • High-speed layer-3-encryption for IP-based networks

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What does network encryption mean in cybersecurity?

Network encryption ensures that sensitive data transmitted over a computer network is encrypted throughout. This requires state-of-the-art cryptography. Confidential data is encrypted end-to-end when it is transmitted over a computer network.

Why do organizations and companies need encryption (cryptography)?

Without encryption, optical, wired and wireless networks over public ground are not secure. So for organizations, it is not so much why or if, but how to encrypt efficiently and securely.

What is end-to-end encryption?

E2EE, or "end-to-end encryption", means that messages are encrypted at the sender's end and decrypted at the authorized recipient's end. The data in motion is not encrypted during transmission.

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