Network security

Network security

Protection for networks, data and information

Network security – solutions for reliable and secure cross-site connections

You want to ensure that only authorized users can access network resources and that hacker attacks are thwarted. The digitalization of business processes and the ever-increasing level of networking require proactive protection of the services you provide.

To do this, you need an effective network security system that protects your proprietary information, such as intellectual property or confidential customer data, from attempted attacks. Your most important benefit of state-of-the-art network security consists of winning and maintaining the trust of your customers – whether they are existing customers or new contacts.

Networks are the fundamental systems in IT. All communication takes place between computer systems and end devices via local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). Information and resources of different kinds are exchanged every day. The individual nodes of the network are connected to each other via cables, radio or dial-up connections and dedicated lines. It goes without saying: networks require special protection.

Advantages of our network security solutions

  • Securing data transmission via fixed network, radio or satellite against espionage and manipulation.
  • High-speed encryption of your data communication in WANs and LANs.
  • Proactive detection of weak points, closing of security holes and reduction of the attack surface.
  • Protection of your web applications against SQL infiltration, cross-site scripting, denial of service attacks, data loss, identity theft and network attacks.
  • Use of modern cryptography to encrypt IP-based networks.

What does network security mean?

The term network security covers all measures that are intended to protect against manipulation of the network and data. This includes hardware and software technologies as well as the corresponding security strategies. The primary goal is to prevent an attacker from entering the network in order to protect the connected computers and avoid further compromise of the network.

Network connections that are open and unsecured enable the loss of confidentiality and the manipulation of transmitted data and information, a targeted overload and, in the worst case, the failure of networked IT systems. Therefore, organizations and companies must protect their network infrastructures against unauthorized access.

Are there differences between cyber and network security?

  • Cybersecurity makes sure that the exchange of information between the user and endpoint (man and machine) is secure. It comprises all the components required for this as well as the security of stored data (data at rest).
  • When cyber security talks about communication, it also includes machine to machine (M2M) communication. This is true for IoT devices or the data exchange between IT systems.
  • Network security starts with the network infrastructure and here with the protection of the network edges (edge computing), switches and routers. Network security is more than just the protection for the transport of data and the protection of computer nodes.
"The secure storage and transmission of large, heterogeneous and rapidly growing volumes of data is a key challenge for companies and government agencies. The processes require complete and audit-proof documentation. In addition, mission-critical information must be protected."
Dr. Falk Herrmann, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

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Our Network security solutions

Network encryption

Network encryption takes place primarily on layer 2 (Ethernet), the network layer of the OSI model. However, there are also encryption methods for IP-based networks.

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Virtual private network

A VPN solution guarantees anonymity and security between the internal network and the Internet.

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Secure fax & voice

Protect your critical fax or voice communications from espionage and manipulation with Rohde and Schwarz Cybersecurity.

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Your monthly cybersecurity update

Your monthly cybersecurity update

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