Browser security

Browser security

Providing the world´s most secure browser for companies, academic facilities and public authorities

70% of all cyberattacks, including zero-day exploits, ransomware, viruses and Trojans out via browsers and infiltrated respectively the visited websites or through phishing mails which lead to to malicious websites. Active content such as Flash, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX and HTML 5 is the most problematic. Our solutions for browser security prevent malware from entering your PC and your infrastructure. Plus, ithey enables security policies to be managed centrally for maximum protection and compliance with current regulatory requirements. The solution takes an innovative approach and fully separates the browser from a computer‘s operating system for full isolation at the computer level, keeping malware away from the user‘s computer and the corporate's network.

The advantages of Browser in the Box

Secure Internet surfing

R&S®Browser in the Box offers proactive protection against cyberattacks. Thanks to the secure separation of the browser from the rest of the PC, you and your corporate network are protected against Trojan horses, ransomware, ATPs and zero-day attacks. Java, JavaScript, Flash and the opening of dangerous links are no longer a threat.

Data protection and compliance

The management tool lets you easily configure security policies from one central interface. With just a few clicks, you can assign user rights in the browser, e.g. for printing, uploads/downloads and copy/paste. R&S®Browser in the Box fulfills compliance guidelines in line with applicable data protection laws.

Secure WiFi

The R&S®Browser in the Box hotspot mode ensures secure connections in WLAN networks. You can also surf securely in public environments and are protected against man-in-the-middle attacks. Other private WLANs, e.g. in home offices, can also be used securely.

Easy to use

The simple operation of R&S®Browser in the Box via Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome ensures high user acceptance. The functionality of internal company applications, such as the Intranet, CRM and ERP systems, remains completely unaffected. Thanks to the low system load, PC performance is not impacted.

Your challenges

Browser are the most common point of entrance of cyber attacks in your company´s endpoints and networks. The use of applications, collaboration tools, e-mails or downloads via the browser could might lead to the infiltration of malicious code. Thanks tofull separation of the browser from a computer‘s operating system, solutions ensure that such malware has no chance to infiltrate. Users surf the internet in a secure way without even noticing that our solutions are running. Our solutions are user freindly and do not impact PC performance proiving a safe digital experience for companies, academic institutions and public authorities.


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