White paper: Avionics – Digital design and bus interface testing

White paper: Avionics – Digital design and bus interface testing

Aerospace and Defense recent program developments are designed with a smaller number of electronic computers but with a higher functional integration of faster, smaller and more performant electronic digital components. New computers include more wired connectivity capabilities among other electronic units via digital buses such as Arinc 429, MilBus, Spacewire, Ethernet, proprietary buses, etc. Exhaustive testing activities at the physical and at the logical protocol are necessary during qualification or even certification phases.

This paper seeks to provide a deeper understanding of digital electronics communications test solutions for ensuring the signal, data and power integrity needed during digital design, integration and performance verification. Both legacy and next generation electronic computers need wired communication integrated systems, subsystems and their integral component parts.

What will you get from it?

A thorough analysis of the following topics:

  • Electronic computers (using avionics as example) and digital design testing trends,
  • bus interface testing including legacy low speed and high-speed buses and digital design testing,
  • power integrity testing and multi-domain (RF and time domain) analysis for system-level debugging and verification.