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Promotion overview

Save up to 44% when buying the new R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester

With the new R&S®QAR-K50 software option for the R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester, you can capture accurate reflection results by reducing the aperture of the instrument. Even though a single cluster is sufficient for such measurements, the 12-cluster configuration can provide you with a deeper insight into the radome. With this promotion - Rohde & Schwarz will equip the R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester free of charge with a 12-cluster configuration.

Why resolution matters?

Engineers understand the importance of capturing high-resolution images of design emblems in order to ensure their quality. The R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester and its uniquely high resolution will enable you to find smaller delamination effects, inhomogeneities and incorrectly laid heating wires – quickly and easily.

Where can I find more information?

The recently updated white paper about the R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester contains all the information regarding the robust reflection measurements, together with general remarks on the R&S®QAR realistic accuracy and reproducible values. The white paper highlights the differences between the R&S®QAR-K50 and the R&S®QAR-K10 software.

What can the R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester offer to me?

  • Accurate reflection and homogeneity measurements can now be performed with a single instrument.
  • The one-cluster reflection and 12-cluster homogeneity measurements.
  • Ease of use - switch between the two modes with a single click.

Everything important about this promotion

  • All-inclusive.
    This promotional offer includes all the necessary options for high-resolution radome and emblem analysis, as well as reflection measurements with the help of the R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester.
  • Simple and easy.
    All required hardware is contained in the package.
  • Limited-time offer.
    The promotion is valid from March 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021.

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