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Emergency call - independently certified test solution

EU regulation 2017/79 – mandatory after March 31, 2018

The European Union (EU) plans to introduce intelligent telematics-based vehicle safety system that will ensure faster emergency response times and ultimately help save lives. eCall is an electronic safety in-vehicle systems (IVS) that automatically dials 112, the universal emergency phone number, and alerts local emergency medical services in the event of a serious traffic accident.

As well as the coordinates calculated from the GPS Satellite Constellation, eCall also transfers the number of passengers and the time of the accident. A voice connection is also established in case any passenger(s) are able to speak. ERA-Glonass and eCall are harmonized, but the EU system is planning to add additional support for motorcycles and heavy goods vehicles. Considered an important safety system, eCall must be highly reliable and testing the systems ‘components can therefore easily become expensive and time-consuming.

Your challenges and the standardization

The European Union has mandated that all vehicles sold in Europe must comply with the eCall standards defined by ETSI (CEN/TS 16454). To ensure that your IVS fully complies with the eCall standards, it is necessary to verify that it is able to automatically and manually trigger an emergency call and correctly transmit the minimum set of data (MSD) in the correct format. It is also important that the audio quality of the voice connection is sufficiently high.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Time-saving: software tool with ready-to-use test sequences
  • Realistic: simulation of GNSS and mobile networks
  • Highly reliable: performance testing to verify all information

Download eCall infographic

25.700 road traffic deaths in 2014 in Europe

25.700 road traffic deaths in 2014 in Europe. See whole infographic

Less than 16.000 traffic fatalities is the european objective

Less than 16.000 traffic fatalities is the european objective. More Insights? Download our eCall infographic

57% is the number of all accidents which take place in rural areas

57% is the number of all accidents which take place in rural areas. Interested? Download our eCall infographic

Educational material

eGuide: Pioneer in NG eCall testing

This eGuide will give you some insights about next generation eCall (NG eCall), the difference to eCall and its coexistence, the advantages of NG eCall, what test equipment is needed.

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Our new next generation eCall appcard

Learn more about: Verification of next generation eCall functionality in an IVS. Sign up here.

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Webinar: eCall and its challenges. Leading the way to the next generation eCall system

We will demonstrate a reliable and fast test solution for next generation eCall that helps in the development of eCall devices where in-band modem eCall and next generation eCall coexist.

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Automotive eCall solutions


Flexible performance testing

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Simplified conformance testing

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Further information

eCall conformance and performance testing

The eCall conformance and performance testing is described in Application Note 1MA241.

Download now

ERA-Glonass conformance und performance testing

The ERA-Glonass conformance and performance testing is described in Application note 1MA251.

Download now

Rohde & Schwarz offers independently certified eCall test solution

From April 1, 2018 onward, car manufacturers are required to equip new vehicles for sale in the EU with an eCall module.

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Our customers and experts


Rita Puntaferro, Senior Manager Verification Lab, u-blox Italy

"During the development phase of the eCall solution, we needed to test and verify our module. Rohde & Schwarz proposed setting up a cooperation and a joint testing session. We found a great opportunity to start testing in an early phase. Both of us could benefit from this cooperation and shorten the time to market. It was a great opportunity and we are now regularly using Rohde & Schwarz equipment to test our eCall/ERA-GLONASS solutions."

Peter Sterly

Peter Sterly, Rohde & Schwarz

"Following Russia, eCall will now be mandatory in the EU as of March 2018. Other countries and regions are also planning to introduce eCall. Since eCall is one of the most vital safety features in a car, the testing requirements are much higher than for usual smartphones. An eCall system has to keep working even after a crash. With its years of experience, not just in mobile communications test and measurement, and its work in relevant standardization bodies, Rohde & Schwarz is the ideal partner for automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and test houses. Test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz make a significant contribution to the successful implementation and introduction of eCall, helping to achieve the common goal of reducing the number of traffic fatalities on Europe's roads."

Christian Hof

Christian Hof, Rohde & Schwarz

“The dream of the connected car will come true and with the implementation of eCall from March 2018 onwards, cars will autonomously call the emergency service. Rohde & Schwarz has developed application software for eCall based on the R&S®CMW500 protocol tester. The software simulates the public safety answering point (PSAP) and remotely controls the protocol tester, emulating a cellular network in the lab. With this certified eCall test solution, you are prepared for future conformance test requirements and have a basis for next generation eCall.”

Automotive test solutions

Automotive test solutions

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ERA-Glonass test solution – certified by Russian audit body

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Flexible performance testing

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