5G NR network measurements

5G network testing

5G NR network measurements

5G New Radio (NR) is the radio access technology for the next generation mobile communication standard. It differs from LTE in the following ways:

  • New frequency bands below and above 6 GHz, promising globally available frequency ranges, with the principle ones being 3.3 to 4.2 GHz and 26 to 44 GHz
  • Beamforming support for synchronization signals / broadcast and data channels, in combination with 5G NR multiple input multiple output (MIMO) for data channels
  • Wide flexibility of physical radio parameters, such as channel bandwidth, subcarrier spacing and symbol duration

These characteristics have an impact on signal propagation and quality, consequently increasing the need for accurate 5G NR network testing.

Your 5G network testing challenges

Testing 5G networks presents unique challenges that demand strategic solutions. Key challenges associated with 5G network testing include:

  • 5G network coverage: The initial rollout of this advanced technology is concentrated within closed coverage areas. Regulators now consider both reference signal received power (RSRP) and expected data throughput.
  • Achieving optimal 5G network performance: The high degree of flexibility in 5G necessitates thorough performance tuning during rollout to achieve intended performance. It is crucial to verify the handover area between sites, cells and beams to ensure the best possible network capacity.
  • Interference: Predominant use of time division duplex (TDD) mode in 5G networks introduces interference concerns. Strict network synchronization is necessary to prevent interference between base stations and between networks of different operators.

High-performance solutions for 5G network testing

Navigating the complexities of 5G networks necessitates testing during all phases of the network life cycle. 5G NR network measurements allow operators to deploy and operate networks faster and provide superior network quality. Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive 5G mobile network testing portfolio, with solutions for both passive and active tests:

  • The R&S®TSMx6 network scanner family and the R&S®5G Site Testing Solution (STS) support the passive testing method. With this method, it is possible to get an overview of all “always-on” DL signals in the area using automatic channel detection (ACD), which involves decoding broadcast channel information and RF parameters such as signal strength and quality. All base station signals (cells and beams) can also be analyzed. SIM cards are not needed for passive tests with network scanners.
  • The QualiPoc Android software supports active tests. This requires a network connection. The network performance can be measured in terms of application quality of experience (QoE) or quality of service (QoS), which includes data throughput and latency.

Rohde & Schwarz also offers software for data analytics and quality monitoring:

Benefits of our 5G network testing solutions

Rohde & Schwarz 5G network testing solutions offer many advantages for streamlined and effective network optimization.

Network scanners - R&S®TSMx6 family and R&S®5G STS:

  • Signal overview: quickly identify all signals on the air interface with automatic channel detection (ACD) and high-speed 5G NR measurements
  • Signal details: analyze 5G base station signals (cells and beams) at high sensitivities, ensuring the presence of a dominant signal at every location to prevent intercell interference caused by pilot pollution
  • Interference reduction: verify 5G TDD network synchronization during 5G drive testing to ensure optimum network capacity

Handheld mobile network testing solution - QualiPoc Android SW:

  • User-perceived quality measurement: measure network performance in terms of application quality of experience (QoE) or quality of service (QoS)
  • Interactivity Test: employ standard test methods (ITU-T G.1051) to measure round-trip latency with various traffic patterns

Analytics software - SmartAnalytics:

  • Aggregation and trending: get high-level aggregation of benchmarking campaigns for easy trend identification
  • Statistical analysis: analyze benchmarking campaigns based on the network performance score
  • Drill-down capability: troubleshoot issues by drilling down into single samples of a measurement campaign


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Webinar: Apples to apples 5G network benchmarking -one year later

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Webinar: Verifying 5G enterprise networks – performance status based on real results

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Webinar: Modernization of test methods for 5G network performance

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 5G over-the-air measurements with the R&S Spectrum Rider FPH handheld microwave spectrum analyzer

5G over-the-air measurements with the R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH handheld microwave spectrum analyzer

The R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH handheld spectrum analyzer’s frequency coverage up to 44 GHz combined with features such as 6 hour battery life, low weight (2.5 kg), backlit keypad, fast boot time, non-reflective display and ruggedized housing make it optimized for field spectral measurements of 5G signals. The R&S®FPH combined with an appropriate antenna can make over-the-air 5G measurements including occupied bandwidth, spectral emission mask and channel power, thus making it capable of verifying 5G transmissions. With frequency coverage to 44 GHz, the R&S®FPH’s can also be used for spectrum clearance and interference hunting in new 5G bands.


R&S®5G site testing solution

Video: R&S®5G site testing solution

Discover the different phases of the R&S®5G STS that ensure successful 5G site testing.

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SmartBenchmarker - Solution for benchmarking & optimization campaigns

Video: SmartBenchmarker - benchmark & optimize your networks

The R&S®Freerider4, controlled by SmartBenchmarker, is a powerful tool for network benchmarking.

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SmartAnalytics - Transform data into actionable insights

Video: SmartAnalytics - Transform data into actionable insights

SmartAnalytics is the only tool to use machine learning for analyzing all network insights.

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QualiPoc  - The premium handheld mobile network testing solution

Video: QualiPoc  - The premium handheld mobile network testing solution

QualiPoc Android is a smartphone based tool that supports a wide range of service tests.

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Complete mobile network engineering, optimization&troubleshooting solution

Video: Complete mobile network engineering, optimization&troubleshooting solution

The R&S®ROMES4 provides a complete solution for all essential mobile network testing tasks.

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Fast and efficient cable and antenna measurement in the field

Video: Fast and efficient cable and antenna measurement in the field

The R&S®ZPH is great for quickly and efficiently measuring antenna systems in the field.

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5G NR site deployment – testing has never been so easy

Video: 5G NR site deployment – testing has never been so easy

The R&S®5G STS is the ideal tool for deployment, troubleshooting and site acceptance.

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Synchronization of 5G TDD networks - theory

Video: Synchronization of 5G TDD networks - theory

Discover the importance of synchronizing the gNodeBs of one operator operating in TDD mode.

Synchronization of 5G TDD networks - demo

Video: Synchronization of 5G TDD networks - demo

Learn about the R&S®ROMES4 software and how to measure the synchronization of 5G networks.

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Application brochure: Site testing and trouble-shooting in 5G networks

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White paper: 5G NR networks are here – let’s test!

Learn about 5G NR technology basics and understand how to test a 5G NR network.

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Testing O-RAN

Testing O-RAN

O-RAN demands suitable test and measurement solutions - in the lab and in the field.

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