Passive component testing

Passive component testing

From S-parameter measurements to time domain reflectrometry

Passive components include a large variety of building blocks for RF and digital designs. These range from RF filters and combiners, switches, couplers to cables, connectors and PCB boards.

The network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz offer the right range, from S-parameter measurements to time domain reflectometry, when looking for anomalies on the signal path. The multiport solutions allow fast and cost-efficient, multi-site production testing.

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Real-time filter tuning flow

Filter tuning was never easier and faster.
SynMatrix advanced computer-aided tuning enables real‑time filter optimization in an easy guided process using the R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Verify high frequency signal integrity on printed circuit boards

The MicroCraft® E2V6151 series combined with an R&S®ZNB vector signal analyzer delivers a fully automated solution.

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Precise measurements on high-speed digital signal lines with the R&S®ZNB

Particularly at higher data rates, vector network analyzers (VNA) are increasingly replacing traditional time domain reflectometry (TDR) setups for testing passive components such as connectors, cables, PCBs, etc.

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Fast and accurate passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements

Unique automatic level controlled (ALC) based test setup using the R&S®ZVA vector network analyzer and R&S®BBA150 broadband amplifiers provides highly accurate and reproducible results in minimum test time.

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An ideal pair for filter tuning: CST Studio Suite® and R&S®ZNB

Data analysis relies on correct data. The CST® Filter Designer 3D, part of the CST Studio Suite® simulation software from Dassault Systèmes, can greatly reduce the time needed to tune a filter. The R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer provides not only highly accurate measurement data, it is exceptionally fast, minimizing sweep times.

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Reliable test of flexible and rigid PCBs

Reliable test solution for mass production of high frequency printed circuit boards – YAMAHA® MP Series and R&S®ZNBT

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R&S®ZVA vector network analyzers

The R&S®ZVA series is an ideal choice for demanding measurements in the lab and in production – from filter measurements requiring maximum dynamic range to linear and nonlinear measurements on amplifiers and mixers.

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R&S®BBA150 broadband amplifiers

The R&S®BBA150 broadband amplifier family generates power in the frequency range from 4 kHz to 6 GHz. The compact amplifiers are rugged and feature high availability.

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R&S®ZNB vector network analyzers

Rohde & Schwarz sets new benchmarks with its R&S®ZNB family of vector network analyzers. These analyzers feature high measurement speed, outstanding precision and exceptional ease of operation.

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Mixer & frequency converter testing

Mixers are a fundamental element in a wide range of applications such as modulators, phase detectors, frequency converters and synthesizers in many RF and microwave systems.

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Oscillator, clock and PLL testing

Oscillator output signals are characterized and tested to make sure the device or module meets the design specifications for clock accuracy, signal purity and stability.

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