Repair service

Repair service

Repair and service centers need easy-to-use test solutions for fast and efficient fault diagnosis. This allows them to support customers in an effective way and thereby increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automated test setup for repair and service of wireless devices
Automated test setup for repair and service of wireless devices

Rohde & Schwarz offers ready-to-go test solutions consisting of the R&S®CMW290 functional radio communication tester in combination with R&S®CMWrun and the R&S®CMW-Z10 RF shield box.

This enables OEM/ODMs and repair companies to perform functional tests and quick failure analysis for both cellular and non-cellular standards.

The DUT is connected via cable or – more typically – wirelessly via a shielded antenna coupler. The R&S®CMW290/R&S®CMW-Z10 combination delivers highly repeatable and reliable measurement results.

Products for repair and service

R&S®CMW290 Functional Radio Communication Tester
  • Affordability: Ready-to-go functional tester configured specifically to address the needs of the repair and service market
  • Traceability of test results: Based on market-leading R&S®CMW platform, assuring the reliability of test results

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R&S®CMW Accessories
  • Ample space makes it suitable for different kinds of devices such as phones, tablets, etc.
  • Suitable feedthrough modules such as twin N type RF connectors, audio, D-sub and USB 2.0 modules to communicate with the DUT

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R&S®CMWrun Sequencer Software Tool
  • Go/no-go test sequences for cellular and non-cellular technologies
  • Test report export in different formats such as txt, pdf and csv, customizable to include fewer measurement details or just a summary of pass/fail indications
  • Simple GUI; tests run fully automatically

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Component level repair with Rohde & Schwarz value instruments

Service centers working on component level repair of damaged wireless devices require a range of test and measurement tools to identify, diagnose and repair components on the PCB. Value instruments from Rohde & Schwarz are precise, reliable and universal measuring instruments such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, power supplies and multimeters. Rohde & Schwarz value instruments combine practical features with excellent measurement characteristics and are easy to use. Especially designed for users who want high-quality products at a good-value price.

Products for component level repair

Value instruments
  • High-quality products at a good-value price.
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for every lab

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Intuitive - Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes together with intuitive software applications offer enhanced capabilities for troubleshooting faulty wireless devices

Value for money - R&S®RTM series oscilloscopes include

  • Digital voltmeter functionality
  • Protocol decoding for all important serial interfaces
  • Spectrum analysis enables OEMs and ODMs to perform board level testing and to measure current and voltage in both the time and frequency domain

Rohde & Schwarz probes include both active and passive probes, providing access to the key connection points on the PCB of the wireless devices

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Wireless communications testers & systems

Benefit from wireless device and infrastructure testers for all wireless communications testing needs, including RF, protocol, preconformance and conformance.

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Signal generators

Generate highly accurate signals with Rohde & Schwarz analog and digital signal generators that offer a wide range of frequencies, standards, modulations and functions.

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Signal & spectrum analyzers

Choose from the wide range of Rohde & Schwarz signal and spectrum analyzers that set standards in performance, functionality and usability.

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Power meters & voltmeters

Get extremely high versatility and highest measurement accuracy with Rohde & Schwarz power meters, power sensors and voltmeters.

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