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Fig. 1: The modular R&S®GX435 multichannel signal analysis solution is built from appropriate quantities of the two basic components. The R&S®GX435PU-S component for processing and storage (bottom) controls the R&S®GX435, computes the DDCs as well as the signal detectors in the configuration without hardware acceleration, and serves as a recording / replay unit. The R&S®GX435PU component for processing (top) processes up to eight signals simultaneously by performing classification, demodulation and decoding.
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Individually expandable radiomonitoring solution with PC-based signal analysis

The new R&S®GX435 multichannel signal analysis solution is used in multichannel radiomonitoring systems to process signals from the HF to the SHF range. It is connected via LAN to radiomonitoring receivers and direction finders from Rohde & Schwarz. The R&S®GX435 allows fully automated interception and processing of all signals in a signal scenario with a realtime bandwidth of up to 80 MHz per receiver.

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