Display multiple result tables using ELEKTRA


I want to display multiple EMI scans from the same EUT in one graph. The way to save the Test and to start a new Test is does not give me a quick comparison. I want to keep the trace, start a new scan from same Test without losing the data of the first measurement. I am doing pre-compliance measurements. If I have a fail with the first overview measurement, I want to do a small modifications and run one more scan for immediate comparison.

Is it possible and if so, how can I do it?


Yes, you can do this using ELEKTRA. Open the Test and start the first EMI-Scan. If you want to keep the result, you have to "Copy" the Result Table from Test Components with the right mouse button. The right mouse button give you a context menu. It only contains menu items that are useful for the selected object. It comes up as a pop-up that opens near the mouse pointer. One of the useful items for a Result Table is the "Copy"-function.

You can also "Rename" the to copy of the Result Table, if you want:

If you restart the scan, you keep the previous Result Table, now. As soon as you have the new result, you can add the copy of previous Result Table to the graphic. To do this simply select "Open Graphics" from context menu.

Select the Trace column you your like to add and make sure that you add the data to the existing Spectrum Overview Graphics.

For a better differentiation, one can change the colors of the traces from "Properties".
You find "Properties" in the context menu by right-click on the trace.

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