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TCE900 software change between TV/DAB <-> FM/BD2


Is it possible to change between different TCE900 software packages?

For example this might be useful, if you want to use a spare part unit (e.g. TCE900 SystemContol) from an FM-transmitter (with TCE900-BD2 SW) in a TV transmitter.

There are two different software packages available for the TCE900.

  • “TCE900” for ATV, DTV, DAB (Material number 2109.3806.00)
  • “TCE900-Bd2” for FM, HD-Radio (Material number 2109.3858.00)

If one of this SW packages is installed on a TCE900, it is not possible to install the other one.

The exchange between different TCE9 software packages is not possible.


Backup / Restore function

Using the “Backup/Restore” function is one possibility to change between the SW packages.

For this purpose, you need a “Full” Backup from a TCE900 with right software version, ideally from the failed device.
This backup file can be uploaded and restored on the spare part TCE900. That means you can upload a TCE900 BD2 full backup file to a TCE900 TV exciter device.
This only makes sense if the TCE is equipped with the right HW and SW options, for using in the other transmitter type.
After finishing the restoration, the device reboots and comes up with the right SW.
The backup file can be created, restored, up- and downloaded in Backup/Restore menu (Task View (Home)> Maintain SW > Backup/Restore).

For further information about the Backup/Restore function, see Tx9 User Manual 2109.9110.02 in “Backup/Restore” chapter (in attachments).