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Software & release notes (12)

Type, Title File size Version Date
R&S®VSE License Server 115 MB V 1.62 28-May-2019
R&S®VSE Release Notes 223 kB V 1.62 28-May-2019
R&S®VSE Open Source Acknowledgment 765 kB 07 30-Jan-2019
R&S®VSE Vector Signal Explorer Software

By downloading R&S VSE you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions for Royalty Free Software. For further information please refer to "www.rohde-schwarz.com/royalty-free-products".

If you have purchased the R&S VSE or an upgrade to the full version of the R&S VSE the terms and conditions of such contract shall apply.


VSE-K6 Pulse Measurements

VSE-K7 Analoge Demodulation Measurements

VSE-K10 GSM Measurements

VSE-K60 Transient Measurements

VSE-K70 Vector Signal Analysis

VSE-K72 3GPP FDD Measurements

VSE-K91 Wireless LAN Measurements

VSE-K100/101/102/103/104/105 EUTRA/LTE FDD/TDD Down-/Uplink Measurements

VSE-K106 NB-IoT Measurements

VSE-K144 5G-NR Uplink&Downlink Measurements

VSE-K544 Frequency Response Correction

565 MB V 1.62 28-May-2019
R&S TVSCAN 2.0 Release Notes 280 kB 29-Jan-2019
R&S TVSCAN 2.0 Open Source Acknowledgment 726 kB 01 29-Jan-2019
R&S TVSCAN 2.0 Installer Windows 64-Bit 41 MB 29-Jan-2019
R&S TVSCAN 2.0 Installer Windows 32-Bit 41 MB 29-Jan-2019
R&S TVSCAN 2.0 Installer Linux 64-Bit 30 MB 29-Jan-2019
R&S®BCDRIVE Broadcast Drive Test Release Notes 217 kB V 3.20 31-Jul-2018
R&S®BCDrive Open Source Acknowledgment 630 kB 01 29-Jun-2018
R&S®BCDRIVE Broadcast Drive Test Software Installer 25 MB V 3.20 29-Jun-2018
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