Germany - DFS Radio Communication Emergency System


DFS, the German ANSP headquartered near Frankfurt, has been a key Rohde & Schwarz customer for many years and has already deployed many radios of previous generations.

Project Description

© DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

Rohde & Schwarz is renewing the DFS emergency transmit/receive system. In four main control centers (Langen, Munich, Bremen, and Karlsruhe), controller working positions will be equipped with a compact and powerful IP-based emergency communications unit which is based on the R&S VCS-4G voice communications system solution.

The project includes delivery and installation of approx. 250 emergency communication units and the related server infrastructure. In addition, Rohde & Schwarz will develop a management system enabling the nationwide configuration and monitoring of operating components, radios, uninterruptible power supplies and other network components.

For this project, a new emergency communications unit has been developed according to specific DFS requirements.

The unit features a powerful internal processing unit running a modern Linux operating system, dual redundant Ethernet interfaces, support for dual headsets, an intuitive graphical user interface, and many more innovative details.

Communications between the emergency communication units and the already existing R&S Series4200 radios will be fully based on voice over IP (VoIP) in line with the EUROCAE ED 137 standard, replacing the existing TDM-based ATC infrastructure.

With the fully EUROCAE ED 137 standards compliant product portfolio of both the R&S VCS-4G and the R&S Series4200 radios, Rhode & Schwarz is in a market-unique position to offer fully IP-based, end-to-end voice communications solutions for ATC.

System Capacity

  • Approx. 250 R&S VCS-4G emergency communication units installed in controller working positions in four main control centers
  • Interworking to R&S Series 4200 radios at approx. 35 radio site installations throughout Germany.

System Integration

System integration is handled by Rohde & Schwarz Germany. Rollout of the complete system began in 2014 and includes several phases. The project will be completed by 2017.

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