Societé Internationale de Telecommunication Aeronautique (SITA)


Societé International de Telecommunication Aeronautique (SITA), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is modernizing and extending their data communications network for the AIRCOM data-link service.

Project Description

SITA operates a worldwide data network to provide data communcations between aircraft and ground terminals from airlines or air navigation service providers (ANSP).

In order to offer better services, the existing network is being upgraded from an analog 2.4 kbit/s data link (AM-MSK) to a digital data link with a speed of 31.5 kbit/s (VDL mode 2) depending on the needs of the ANSPs and airline operators. This technology allows the use of controller-pilot data-link communications (CPDLC) service by ATC controllers over the data network.

Furthermore, new radio stations are being built in areas that are not yet covered, which allows more airlines to profit from the AIRCOM service. Together with the radio stations, also the ground data network is being enhanced, which will make it possible to run the service over an IP network.

The radios support the legacy VDL ground computers (VGCs), which are connected via serial interface, as well as new, remote VGCs, which are connected to the radio via an IP network.

The IP network is also used for remote monitoring and control, as well as for remote software update.

Project Size

Over 1000 R&S®XU4200 transceivers of the R&S®Series4200 have been ordered so far. Radios are being installed by SITA in over 80 countries, including Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA.

Product and Service Provided

Rohde & Schwarz provides the VHF radios and is responsible for training personnel and repairing the equipment, as well as for software maintenance to adapt to new SITA requirements.

VDL coverage of the AIRCOM network (Source: SITA)

VHF coverage of the AIRCOM network (Source: SITA)

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