CLIPSTER® Plays Key Role in UHDTV Trial at SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

CLIPSTER® participates in an UHDTV trial production environment established at SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation in Japan, playing out compressed 4K/60p as well as supporting RAW formats of a variety of cameras.

The award-winning CLIPSTER® DI workstation is the perfect solution for any DI workflow. A complete hardware and software turnkey finishing system, CLIPSTER® equips useres with a robust toolset to tackle any challenge and enhance the post production of film and broadcast projects. Use the advanced DVS system for a large variety of DI steps from capturing to mastering in several digital distribution formats. CLIPSTER® already meets the challenges of the future today, enabling digital deliveries from RAW camera files, the creation of mezzanine formats like IMF (Interoperable Master Format*) or AS-02 packages and DCI cinema projects (including 3D), and the conforming and editing of uncompressed 4K data in real time.

The core of your DI Workflow in one package

CLIPSTER® is feature-rich for use in all facets of post production. A complete package, CLIPSTER® enables: capturing of any video format including high-resolution film data; real-time processing; comprehensive conforming and editing of the RAW data; scaling and color correction; automated stereoscopic correction of geometry and color misalignments; interaction with color grading tools by third-party vendors; versioning in various formats including AS-02 and IMF; and stereoscopic DCI Mastering. The DVS DI workstation efficiently manages the core tasks in your DI workflow in one box, eliminating time-consuming pre-processing and copying. CLIPSTER® excels with amazing flexibility and openness and integrates easily into new or existing film and broadcast post production workflows. By consistently following up on its upgrade paths, DVS offers CLIPSTER® as a state-of-the-art workstation that is able to meet tomorrow's challenges today.

Real-time saves you real time

Say goodbye to lost time waiting for vital DI processing steps to be completed. CLIPSTER's real-time features include RAW processing, conforming, editing, color correction and versioning. The DI workstation converts image data to any given format and easily handles any data, from SD, HD and 2K up to 4K. Benefit from CLIPSTER's real-time features, and use the time savings to optimize your creative workflow.

Uncompressed data

CLIPSTER® is the only system worldwide to process uncompressed, multi-format file sequences like DPX or TIFF in 8, 10, 12, or even 16-bit RGB 4:4:4 – all in real time, even up to 4K. No waiting time; no artifacts.

Any quality, any format

No matter the format or resolution – CLIPSTER® can handle it all. In addition to DPX, OpenEXR, Cineon®, TGA and TIFF, this powerful workstation supports more than 100 other graphic formats for project use. CLIPSTER® also handles other formats, such as JPEG2000, QuickTime®, Apple ProRes 422 (4444, HQ, LT, Proxy), Avid DNxHD®, Panasonic DVCPRO HD, P2 (incl. 3D P2) and AVC-Ultra (AVC-Intra 50/100 and AVC-Intra Class 200), Sony XDCAM® HD, Sony SR formats, Windows Media®, MXF, MPEG-1/2, and RAW data from digital film cameras such as RED®, ARRI, Sony, Phantom or Silicon Imaging. Each format has its benefits – which is why CLIPSTER® supports them all. Work in real time with SD, HD, 2K and even beyond 4K material, either truly uncompressed in RGB 4:4:4 or compressed.

Premium software meets powerful hardware

In a unique combination, our hardware and software are perfectly optimized for each other. We develop these two components together to be able to offer our clients perfect tools for outstanding project performance, from batch capturing to conforming to color correction of uncompressed, high-resolution file sequences in real time.

Any in, any out

When workflows change with every new project, clients demand high flexibility, or project data requires complete re-processing to be delivered in formats ranging from video tapes to mezzanine formats like IMF* or AS-02 and Digital Cinema packages, turn to CLIPSTER®. The DVS DI workstation handles multiple formats and multiple resolutions in a single timeline. Files in various color spaces, bit-depth, and sampling rates can be mixed and matched in your timeline and can be quickly processed without any conversions. The CLIPSTER® software has proven itself over many years of use and assists you with any conforming, editing, or versioning steps. The hardware features 20 video interfaces, from HD-SDI dual-link to RGBS to DVI and outputs up to 16 bit.

Intuitive GUI for creative freedom

Hundreds of buttons for one workflow? CLIPSTER® will not obscure your vision: The GUI is designed for intuitive operation, with specific user guidance to support your creativity. As for mastering: Let our wizards ease the way for you. The wizards guide you through all settings until your individual output package is written onto the storage. Use CLIPSTER® to implement your innovative ideas in your projects – always in maximum image quality.

Openness, certificates and awards

An open system, CLIPSTER® provides superior interoperability with third-party systems. Its flexibility, Windows® NTFS, SAN connectivity, and OpenFX enable its use for a wide range of video processing, broadcasting, and digital cinema applications. CLIPSTER® can be remote-controlled from RS-422 or in a SOA (service-oriented architecture) over SOAP commands. CLIPSTER® is certified regularly by other vendors and has been honored with a number of prestigious accolades, including the Hollywood Post Alliance's Engineering Excellence Award and the Digital Cinematography Award. CLIPSTER® is a valuable partner in any workflow and quickly establishes itself as an excellent, indispensable team player.

*According to the latest published specification from IMF/SMPTE

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