Photo: DAB more cost effective than mobile broadband
Photo: DAB more cost effective than mobile broadband

DAB beats mobile broadband on costs

The EBU released a new technical review paper that claims that mobile broadband is not a realistic option for radio distribution compared to DAB.

The paper, written by the EBU's Marcello Lombardo, examined the real world costs of distributing and consuming radio and concluded that broadcast technologies remain the best option.

While mobile broadband may serve a purpose for radio distribution in limited circumstances, particularly until smartphone manufacturers enable FM, DAB and DAB+ reception in their devices, the analysis demonstrated that it cannot compete with DAB when it comes to cost.

While mobile broadband compared well to FM for radio distribution, the study found that, at all but the very lowest population densities, DAB radio is the most cost-effective distribution platform.

Cost-benefit analysis

An analysis of the costs associated with listening to radio also formed part of the study. Using the five biggest markets in the EU28 as a reference, the real cost of listening to a minute of radio via mobile broadband was found to be seven times that of listening via broadcast. If radio were to be delivered only by mobile broadband the cost would be much higher again.

Posted by Chris Dickinson, technology journalist and editor of the Always On blog. 1st September 2017.