Use the LTE test case wizard for your eNB conformance testing

The test case wizard for signal generators simplifies LTE base station receiver and performance testing in line with 3GPP TS 36.141 Release 8 by providing complete and automatic configuration of the instrument.

The LTE test case wizard
The LTE test case wizard significantly simplifies the configuration of Rohde & Schwarz signal generators for conformance testing.
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For 3GPP long term evolution (LTE) base stations, a series of conformance test cases are defined in the 3GPP technical specification (TS) 36.141 comprising transmitter, receiver and performance tests.

Various LTE uplink signals, interfering signals and fading simulations are needed for these test cases. Setting up the test equipment to generate such signals can quickly become complicated and time consuming.

Simple and effective conformance testing
Simple and effective conformance testing

T & M solution

The R&S®SMU200A vector signal generator with the LTE test case wizard is the most compact and easiest to use solution for conformance testing of LTE base stations.

In addition to flexible, standard-conformant LTE signal generation, the R&S®SMU200A also offers additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) generation and realtime signal fading for SISO and MIMO. Furthermore, its second path can be used to generate interfering signals.

The R&S®SMU200A provides everything you need for receiver and performance testing in line with TS 36.141 in just one single instrument. By adding a second R&S®SMU200A, performance testing of base stations with four RX antennas is also possible.

Configuration of the R&S®SMU200A in line with the conformance test cases is significantly faster and easier with the LTE test case wizard, which is included in the R&S®SMx-K55 LTE option.

The test case wizard configures the instrument in line with all test cases in TS 36.141 Release 8 that require a signal generator. The user simply selects the desired test case and the R&S®SMU200A sets the LTE test signal, fading simulation and interfering signals such as AWGN, CW and LTE interferers − automatically and standard-conformant. The parameters that are not defined by the specification can be set by the user.

The test case wizard makes it possible to set up even complex test cases such as receiver intermodulation test 7.8 with minimum effort − and using just one R&S®SMU200A. When this test case is selected, the instrument generates the required LTE uplink signal, a CW interferer and an interfering LTE signal.

The test case wizard is also available for the R&S®SMBV100A, R&S®SMATE200A and R&S®SMJ100A signal generators, though the functional range is limited. This unique test case wizard is a simple and effective solution for LTE base station conformance testing.

Major advantages of the test case wizard:

  • Complete instrument setup in just one click including configuration of interfering signals and fading simulation
  • Graphical display for visualization of the wanted LTE signal and the interfering signal(s)
  • Full support of performance testing including closed loop testing with HARQ feedback and timing adjustment (using the R&S®SMx-K69 option)
  • Setup of two R&S®SMU200A for performance testing of eNBs with four receive antennas (one instrument generates the uplink signals for antennas 1 and 2 and the other instrument for antennas 3 and 4)
  • Automatic resource block allocation for the fixed reference channels (FRCs with full channel coding) and additional channels as required
  • Automatic leveling including RF output level, signal to noise ratio (SNR) and ratio of wanted signal to interfering signal(s)
  • Remote operation via SCPI commands possible