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  • Filter Design and Optimization Using the R&S®ZVA/ZVB/ZVT Integrated with AWR® EDA Software

    This application note describes how to integrate R&S®ZVA/ZVB/ZVT vector network analyzers with AWR's electronic design automation (EDA) software. Measured data can be exported using the AWR® TestWave™ tool via GPIB/LAN and verified with simulated data. Basic filter design is simplified with the AWR® iFilter™ filter synthesis wizard, an optimization tool that can be introduced to correlate measured data with simulated data.

  • S-Parameters of a 50 to 75 Ohm impedance matching device using R&S®ZVx VNA

    This document describes how the advanced calibration techniques of the ZVA Vector Network Analyzers can solve the challenges of measuring the S-Parameters on impedance matching devices. The document describes the concept and setup required to perform the calibration of the ZVA and making the measurement. The procedure described in this application note applies to the ZVB and ZVT Vector Network Analyzers as well.

  • Measurements on RF and AF Filters with Rohde & Schwarz Value Instruments

    This application note describes the basic frequency filter measurements that are often required during service repairs, during development of simple circuits and for training purposes. These measurements do not always require high-end T&M equipment. Instruments in this class typically offer a very wide range of measurement functions coupled with the best-possible RF performance. However, these features are not necessary for simple applications. This application note therefore describes measurements using instruments from the cost-effective Rohde & Schwarz Value Instruments series. The instruments in this series offer the measurement accuracy demanded by quality-conscious users plus easy operation and all of the functionality needed for everyday measurement tasks.

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