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  • Tire pressure monitoring system

    Is it possible to use my U37xx spectrum analyzer as a tire pressure monitoring system?Yes, this is possible. Using the time-domain analysis option 53 (1 channel,3 MHz capture BW)or option 54 (2 channels, 3 MHz capture BW)you can performthis measurement very easily. Basically, the option allows you to view measurementdata such as Time vs Frequency, Time vs Amplitude, Time vs Phase or FFTspectrum. For

  • Exporting an ASCII file containing trace data

    Select Media (USB stick)File-key -> Media -> select (USB Device) and Enter(Hz)4.) Store ASCII fileFile-key -> Save or File-key -> Save as5.) Recall the file on your PC, e.g. using MS Excel. Please set the tag " for separation.

  • Use of high impedance active probes

    You will find a suitable USB port on the front panelof the U3700 series and U3800 series.

  • Convert trace data to Excel format

    The FileView software can be used to convert trace data from the- U4341, U4342, U4941, U3641, U3661- R3131/A- R3132, R3162, R3172, R3182- R3263, R3463, R3465, R3272- R3267, R3273into Excel format.For the U37xx analyzer series, you can use the XML Viewer tool.XML Viewer makes it possible to convert trace data from the U37xx seriesinto Excel format, e.g. in order to view and/or print graphics and/or

  • Start-up characteristic of oscillators

    However, your U37xx with the 53/54 time domainanalysis option enables you to analyze the frequency variation and power withjust one data acquisition.Simply connect the power source of your oscillator to the External Trigger inputand measure the RF output signal using the 'Freq. vs. Power' and 'Power vs. Time'mode provided by the 53/54 time domain option.

  • U3700 Series options guide - Specifications

    OPT.70 High-Purity Spectrum Analysis Frequency span Range: 1 kHz to Full, zero span Accuracy: ±1% Resolution bandwidth Range: U3741: 30 Hz to 1 MHz (1 to 3 steps) U3751: 30 Hz to 3 MHz (1 to 3 steps) Accuracy: ±12% Spectrum purity: ≤ -98 dBc/Hz (offset 10 kHz, span ≤ 1 MHz) -102 dBc/Hz (Typical) Displayed average noise level: Reference level -45 dBm, Resolution bandwidth 30 Hz U3741: Frequency 10 MHz

    This download is available in the following languages:

  • Tracking generator leakage

    The tracking generator leakage is measured by connecting a 50 Ohm terminator onto RF input and TG output connectors with a typical value of −110 dBmProcedure:1. Connect the instruments as shown below:2. Preset this instrument.Operation: SHIFT, SYSTEM(PRESET)3. Set the stop frequency to 3 GHz.Operation: FREQUENCY, Center, 3, GHz4. Set the attenuator to manual.Operation: AMPLITUDE, ATT, ATT MNL5.

  • Phase noise measurements

    Open [Tools], [Macro], [Security],select “Medium” and click [OK].Open the downloaded phase noise measurement software. You will see the phasenoise measurement setting sheet.Using this sheet, you can make all the RF and GPIB settings required in order to start yourmeasurement with the [Phase Noise Measurement] button.

  • Analyze correlations between WLAN and Bluetooth

    E.g. you canview the measurement data as Time vs Frequency, Time vs Amplitude, Time vsPhase or FFT spectrum.If your mobile device includes multiple communications systems such as WLAN andBluetooth, options 55 and 56 provide a maximum measurement bandwidth of 40 MHz.If you install option 56 for two-channel operation, you can analyze correlationsbetween the individual systems on the combined modules,

  • Adjusting the scaling of the vertical axis

    Is it possible to adjust the scaling of the vertical axis?Using the AMPLITUDE => dB/DIV softkey menu, you can set a scaling of10/5/2/1/0.5 dB/div for the vertical resolution.Other scaling values can be set using the keypad or data knob. Justopen the AMPLITUDE => dB/DIV menu to change the vertical scaling with the keypad or dataknob.

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