7BM66: SNMP Example: DVM Management Center Monitoring in a Broadcast Network

The simple network management protocol (SNMP) can be used in a wide range of applications, as described in Rohde & Schwarz Application Note 7BM65 “The Simple Network Management Protocol: Remote Controlling for Monitoring Devices“. In particular, the option of centrally managing monitoring sensors – such as the R&S DVM for RF and baseband signals in digital broadcasting – shows the potential of this technology. However, the protocol alone is not enough to achieve this management functionality. Specialized management applications are needed that carry out the SNMP requests and display the results graphically. This application note and the associated SNMP example application will show how the R&S DVM family can be used for this type of application. Rohde & Schwarz customers can use the included source code (programming language: C#) to make the modifications needed for their own situations.

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7BM66_0E.pdf Application Note English 0E 31.05.2007 3 MB
7BM66_0E_SNMP.exe Application Note File English 0E 31.05.2007 4 MB
7BM66_0E_SNMP_Solution.zip Application Note File English 0E 31.05.2007 16 MB
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