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AREG simulation using the OS Interface (OSI) on Linux


I want to use the Open Simulation Interface to create scenarios for my AREG800.

Do you have an example available showing how to install the required packages, create a simulation and remote control the generator?


The following knowledge article describes the setup for Linux Mint 21.1 using the PyCharm IDE.
Please also find the appropriate Python example script in the attachment of this mail.

1.) Install the latest PyCharm release from

and create a new project (for example "OSI").

1.a.) To run the example script the RsIntsrument package is needed.
Choose it from the Python Packages section and click on the "Install" button

2.) Install the protobuf compiler in your LINUX terminal with the following command:sudo apt install protobuf-compiler

3.) (Re-)Start Pycharm

4.) In the Pycharm Terminal check the availability of protoc (Currently not sure if package protobuf must already be installed before in the Project Environment).
It should respond with the help text if you only enter "protoc":


5.) Install the git package compiler in your LINUX terminal with the following command:

sudo apt install git

6.) (Re-)Start Pycharm

7.) In the Pycharm Terminal check the availability of git.

It should respond with the help text if you only enter "git":


8.) Add the OSI-Package in PyCharm:


Choose "from Version Control" and add the following string to the next dialog:



Do not forget to click "OK"

9.) After some minutes the installation should be fine and you are able to run the example script in your PyCharm installation

In some distributions only an elder version of the protoc package is available. In such cases either perform the update manually following the link (see error message – More information) or deinstall and change to the mentioned version of protobuf.

For example in LINUX Mint 20.01 the following error message occurs when running the script:


It runs fine after changing the protobuf package version to 3.20.3: