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Calculating error on ZVB8


If you import a CVS file from the ZVB8 into Microsoft Excel, the exponent will differ from the one saved in the ZVB8. If you open the file with a text editor, the exponents are correct.


Please change the file name from XYZ.cvs to XYZ.cls.

Import the renamed CLS file into Microsoft Excel. The Text Import Wizard will open.

Then Microsoft will convert the file format.

Step 1 of 3:

The window that opens displays the following message:

"The Text Wizard has determined that your data is delimited.

If this is correct, choose NEXT, or choose the data type that best describes your data."


Original data type


Start import at row 1

File origin: MS-DOS (PC-8)

Select the NEXT button.

Step 2 of 3:

The window that opens displays the following message:

"This screen lets you set the delimiters your data contains. You can see how your text is affected in the preview below."



Text qualifier


Select the NEXT button.

Step 3 of 3:

This screen lets you select each column and set the data format.

'General' converts numeric values to numbers, data values to dates, and all remaining values to text.


Column data format


Press the FINISH button.

As a result of this setting, the exponents will appear in the correct form.