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Labview stops working as soon as the software is compiled


I've been writing code for a Rohde & Schwarz instrument that we have on site and have run

into a problem. I've downloaded the LabVIEW driver software from the Rohde & Schwarz web site.

The basic problem is that the code seems to work fine in the normal developer mode, but stops

working as soon as the software is compiled. I am using LabVIEW 2011.


Let me direct your attention to the application note 1MA170

More information

Please see chapter 3.4.2:

3.4.2 How to Build Executables in LabVIEW

The driver core of the attribute-based instrument drivers is dynamically linked

to any executed VI during runtime. This cannot be recognized by the LabVIEW application

builder. The LabVIEW application builder follows all static dependencies and

includes them in the distributed package when building an executable.

To create an executable in LabVIEW, please manually add all VIs in the <inst

lib>\rsXYZ\_utility\rsXYZ_core\callbacks\ folder to the LabVIEW project. With

this manual reference, the driver core is included in the build and the driver core

is accessible during runtime as well.