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print of black trace with white background?


Traces are printed in white with a black background. This uses up a lot of ink.

Is it possible to print a trace in black with a white background?


Yes, a print of a black trace with a white background is possible. With two traces, you can print one trace in light gray and the other in dark gray, but this is a selection of display trace color.

Setting to print black trace with white background:

Hardkey button MENU => Utilities => Config Panel => SOURCE:Active Graph (Vector) => Destination:Printer/SPC

Select your displayed trace: SWEEP Graph 1(to Full Screen) =>This is necessary for a full formatted print sheet.

To print your single measured trace => press hardkey button HARD COPY

This functionality is possible as of firmware version 1.30 up to R&S UPV FW=

Newer firmware version should have greater print functionality