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SMW200A, WLAN standards


With the SMBV100A I can generate a WLAN signal according to different standards (802.11 a/b/g…) in the baseband generator simply by choosing the desired standard:

I cannot find this possibility in the SMW200A:

How it is possible to generate WLAN signals according to different standards using the SMW200A?


In the SMW200A all the WLAN standards (11a/b/g/p/j/n/ac) can be accessed via the menu item "IEEE 802.11…".
(The available standards depend on the installed SMW200A options.)

You can find and set the desired WLAN standard under:

IEEE 802.11 WLAN menu ->Frame Blocks tab -> Std. column

SMW200A, WLAN standards

This "frame blocks" dialog allows you to define a sequence of signal frames with different WLAN standards for simulation of realistic and time-varying test signals.