5G NR for industrial applications – Potential and challenges

Presented by Meik Kottkamp

5G NR for industrial applications – Potential and challenges

Industrial applications such as factory and process automation are one of the main verticals driving the enhancements of 5G NR in 3GPP. The potential of a reliable, low latency wireless communication link as provided by 5G led to the creation of the 5G-ACIA industry forum. This forum comprises both OT (operation of factories) and ICT (communication) players and provided the Industry 4.0 requirements from the factory floor to 3GPP.

This webinar will illustrate the basic 5G capability to support ultra-reliable low latency services available with 3GPP Release 15. It also explains the technology components added in 3GPP Release 16 to achieve further improvements. Analysis and findings are presented from both a leading cellular test solution provider perspective as well as from the view point of a potential adopter of the 5G NR technology in its own factories.

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