Redesign with SiC – an EMI compliance rapid prototyping approach

Redesign with SiC – an EMI compliance rapid prototyping approach

This webinar is created for engineers who face EMC challenges while designing power electronics with SiC. It will discuss the need for a redesign process which takes EMI issues into account as early as possible to avoid increasing and induced costs later in the product creation and manufacturing phase. You will be learning about EMC fundamentals, debugging tools, and measurements solutions which help you identify and overcome EMI problems in the early stages of your design process. By reference to a real-world scenario with SiC device design, we will be demonstrating guidance through best practices.


Marcus holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering with a focus on energy and power from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund (Germany).

He has more than 20 years of experience with development, design and test of power supplies and electronic ballasts.

Today, he is an application development engineer at Rohde & Schwarz and is responsible for power management and power electronics tests with a focus on time-domain measurements

Marcus Sonst

Cam Pham is a passionate power electronics engineer, joined Cree in 2015 as industrial power FAE and now leads the global automotive FAE team of Cree - Wolfspeed Power. He holds an electronic technician's degree, B.Sc. in electronics engineering and M.Sc. in power electronics and drives. With 15+ years of experience and a practical mindset, he is eager to help customers overcome their technical challenges, and EMI/EMC is just one of the many topics of discussion.