R&S®SMW-K55/-K69/-K84/-K85/-K112/-K113/-K115/-K119/-K143 EUTRA/LTE User Manual

EUTRA/LTE, LTE Release 9, LTE-Advanced Rel. 10, Rel. 11, Rel. 12, Rel. 13, Rel. 14 Closed-loop BS test, Enhanced Features, Cellular IoT incl. Enhnacements

This manual describes the EUTRA/LTE software options of the R&S®SMW200A:

  • EUTRA/LTE Closed-loop BS test (R&S®SMW-K69)
  • EUTRA/LTE Release 9, enhanced features (R&S®SMW-K84)
  • EUTRA/LTE Release 10, LTE advanced (R&S®SMW-K85)
  • EUTRA/LTE Release 11, enhanced features (R&S®SMW-K112)
  • EUTRA/LTE Release 12, enhanced features (R&S®SMW-K113)
  • EUTRA/LTE Release 13, Release 14 (R&S®SMW-K119)
  • Cellular IoT (R&S®SMW-K115)
  • Cellular IoT enhacements (R&S®SMW-K143)

It covers the following topics:

  • Background information on basic terms and principles
  • Concise description of all available functions and settings
  • Description of the Test Case Wizard providing tests on base stations
  • Instructions on how to operate the applications via remote control
  • Description of the application-specific remote control commands

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Tip: The R&S®SMW200A User Manual (online version) contains the documentation for the base unit and all options for immediate display (no download required).

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