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R&S®VENICE Channel Playout Excellence

On air. 24/7.

Media server - Venice
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Media server - Venice
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Media server - Venice
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Media server - Venice
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Media server - Venice Media server - Venice Media server - Venice Media server - Venice

Key Facts

  • On-air-reliability
  • Hybrid SDI and IP functionality
  • Flexible system design
  • UHD and HDR ready
  • Based on standard enterprise server platform

Brief Description

R&S®Venice is built for 24/7 operation. The combination of a commercial off-the-shelf server, the new Rohde & Schwarz virtual storage access technology and our proven R&S®SpycerBox Cell storage solution offers unrivalled stability and speed in challenging channel playout scenarios. The R&S®VENICE platform can be flexibly adapted to your requirements thanks to its software architecture and scalability.

Features & Benefits

On-air reliability

  • Redundancy of every system-relevant component
  • Designed for 24/7 broadcast operations
  • No single point of failure
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Hybrid SDI/IP functionality

  • New R&S Video I/O board
  • Swappable SFP+ modules
  • Future support for upcoming IP standards
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Rohde & Schwarz virtual storage access (VSA)

  • Virtualized access to redundant file systems
  • Enables continous broadcast operations
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UHD and HDR ready

  • Up to one channel UHD p60 (bidirectional)
  • Up to four channels HD p60 (bidirectional)
  • HDR-ready
  • Auto-scaling with broadcast quality deinterlacing
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Standard server platform

  • Approved enterprise server
  • Redundant hardware components
  • Easy maintainability
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Comprehensive software-based codec support

  • Big variety of software-based codecs
  • Minimizes the need for transcoding operations
  • Expandable via future software updates
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Service-oriented architecture

  • Deep integration of the FIMS protocol
  • High interoperability due to web services comm.
  • Easy to integrate into existing infrastructure
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Major automation support

  • Support for industry-leading automation solutions
  • Controllable via VDCP (serial and TCP/IP) and FIMS
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Flexible system design

  • Scalable in channels, storage and bandwidth
  • From single server instl. to multi-channel playout
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Centralized broadcast storage

  • Unrivalled performance with R&S®SpycerBox Cell
  • High density, redundancy and easy maintenance
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