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Broadcast Distribution

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Enabling network operators to broadcast media content reliably and efficiently has been the main driving force for Rohde and Schwarz since the early days of broadcasting.

As a team of passionate and innovation-focused developers and engineers, one of the driving forces we continue standing by today is our need to push the boundaries of technology. We stay rooted in our original values while keeping close to new possibilities as we work to further develop solutions that create more value for the broadcasting industry.

We keep your current needs in mind while simultaneously looking to the future, and our next generation of broadcasting technology is already here to serve you - it will be able to address mobile users based on 5G technology and much more.

Stay connected as we explore the possibilities today, for next generation solutions.

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Reliable products, tested and proven to stand up against your needs. Learn more about our test and measurement instruments and systems for wireless communications.

Rohde & Schwarz introduces all-new transmitter platform

Rohde & Schwarz introduces all-new transmitter platform

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced the R&S®TH1, the first in a new generation of transmitters. The innovative design throughout the transmitter supports the broadcast network operator in delivering traditional and new services in the streaming era.

One World Trade Center

Rohde & Schwarz transmitters at the top of the world

One World Trade Center, the tallest building in New York City, houses the most prestigious broadcast center in the United States. Eight of the nine broadcast transmitters installed are R&S®THU9evo transmitters used for the stations' primary broadcast from One World Trade Center. Read more in our case study!

Claro, Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm team-up to demo a live Multi-Angle 5G Broadcast streaming to smartphones at Open Rio 2023

Claro, Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm team-up to demo a live Multi-Angle 5G Broadcast streaming to smartphones at Open Rio 2023

The demonstration featured a live signal transmitted over-the-air from the Claro booth to a smartphone form-factor test device from Qualcomm Technologies. Live content was transmitted using a 5G Broadcast signal over-the-air, providing visitors with a taste of an advanced live mobile experience.

TH1 Launch

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What is the maximum energy efficiency of the R&S®TH1?

For DVB-T2, the R&S®TH1 offers an excellent energy efficiency of in average 44% considering an MER-level of 34dB. That includes all components of the transmitter system incl. pump unit and heat exchanger. In its best channel, the R&S®TH1 even provide a system efficiency of 47% under the mentioned conditions.

What are the small (green) displays on the front of the R&S®TH1 about?

"The small displays at the front of the R&S®TH1 provide a direct visual feedback (even from a distance) about the current state of the transmitter system. If all of them are green, the transmitter works as desired. If one or several of the displays show an orange or red color, the transmitter indicates a warning or an alert.

Moreover, each of these displays allows to monitor the most important parameters and interact on them with the transmitter like current output power, setting Local/Remote, RF on/off, selecting the active Exciter, analyzing the performance of the cooling system and so on.

The big display, called System Control Panel (SCP100), offers the full picture of the transmitter including all detail information just as transistor currents. Also it provides a very comfortable way to interact with the transmitter system."

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