Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity introduces a new software-based security solution for endpoint devices

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity introduces a new software-based security solution for endpoint devices

The R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite by IT security expert Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is the new software-based solution for endpoint devices, which has been developed to process critical data at the classification level VS-NfD (RESTRICTED). It will be presented at the PITS 2019. The security suite for remote end devices running on the Windows 10 platform does not require any special hardware and specifically addresses public authorities, organizations and companies that work with classified content.

Munich, August 29, 2019 – The new security solution R&S Trusted Endpoint Suite by Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is based on a modular security model which consists of an encrypted remote data link, an encrypted hard drive and a secure web browser. The completely software-based solution for remote end devices allows for flexible use and does not require any special, often expensive hardware. R&S Trusted Endpoint Suite users can therefore continue to use their current hardware, including the rollout mechanisms.

Comprehensive protection for endpoint devices

The encrypted remote data link enables a secure and encrypted use of an authority’s or organization’s intranet. Employees can establish an encrypted connection to the company’s network from public places such as a hotel room or an airport, or while working from home, without risking leaks of confidential data. All data saved on the end device is protected by full-disk encryption. The encryption ensures that information remains confidential even in case of loss or theft of the endpoint device. The fully virtualized web browser is completely separated from the operating system of the endpoint device. The browser runs on a virtual machine and thus presents malware from infiltrating the device. Downloaded documents can be viewed within isolated quarantine.

The single components of R&S Trusted Endpoint Suite can be adapted and applied according to individual demands. The modules are based on modern encryption and virtualization methods and equipped with appropriate administration tools. Thus, R&S Trusted Endpoint Suite can be individually customized and quickly applied, especially in organizations with numerous users. The end user continues to work on the familiar Windows 10 user interface, since the security suite is compatible with the virtualization-based security functions from Windows 10. Our solution, developed for working with VS-NfD classified documents, is ideal for a mobile use by authorities, organizations with security-related tasks and companies that work with classified content.

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