Case study: Secure browsing for government agencies

Dresden, the Saxon state capital, relies on R&S®Browser in the Box

Digital applications make information easily accessible to people. This applies to private individuals as well as to employees in companies and public authorities. We all use online information and offers, we research, send mails and messages.

But if sensitive data is processed and at the same time surfing the net without protection, the consequences can be fatal. The city of Dresden is using a solution to protect its Internet access. A virtual browser enables employees to research the World Wide Web without malicious code threatening sensitive data in the public authority network.

This case study explains in detail:

  • What challenges the state capital Dresden had to overcome
  • Which solutions were considered for the safe use of the internet
  • How the R&S®Browser in the Box solution helped
  • What other advantages the use of R&S®Browser in the Box still offers
  • How employees work with R&S®Browser in the Box