Automotive EMC compliance testing

Automotive EMC compliance testing

Keep ahead of the revolution in car electronics with the market leaders in EMC

Vehicles are undergoing two revolutions at the same time: The development of Autonomous Driving (AD) and the emergence of Electric Vehicles (EV). Both are causing major changes to automotive EMC test standards such as increase in frequencies to 18GHz, and field strenghts up to 600V/m. Rohde & Schwarz’s unrivalled EMC expertise ensures we provide you with market-leading test instruments, software and customized systems covering the latest developments in automotive standards and technology.

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Your automotive EMC challenges:

  • As part of homologation, execute regulatory tests according to UN ECE R10 and keep up with the latest EMC standards, for example CISPR, ISO, SAE, GB/T or OEM-specific, particularly for electric vehicles and advanced radar.
  • Automated tests in various active driving conditions (dynamic scenarios) need to be supported, e.g. recuperation.
  • Take account of new semiconductor technologies such as SiC with far higher switching speeds and steep rising edges which greatly increase the likelihood of spurious emissions.
  • Ensure maximum utilization of test resources, for example re-use EMC test equipment for ADAS functional test.
  • Increasing integration of wireless technologies into vehicles create a dense radio environment, vulnerable to coexistence issues.

Our Automotive EMC test solution features:

  • All the necessary control software, instruments and accessories from a single suppler for implementing, automating, and reporting the results of EMC test programs.
  • Test equipment fully compliant to all EMI and EMS standards relevant for automotive applications, including ISO11451, ISO11452, ISO21498, ISO/TS 7637, CISPR11, CISPR12, CISPR 25 & CISPR 36.
  • Inhouse project consultancy, planning, installation, training, service and support by regional test system experts from R&S systems centers in Europe, North America and Asia.

Your benefits:

  • Time savings and wider test coverage due to automation of dynamic scenarios testing using R&S®ELEKTRA
  • High utilization rate as the equipment can be used for both functional ADAS/AD tests and regulatory EMC tests
  • Future proof a migration path from EMC to ADAS/AD functional testing is possible by reuse of GNSS signal generators, roller test bench and associated software
  • Efficiency from using a single supplier for your complete EMC test programs - from pre-conformance EMI to full EMC compliance, design, service and support and training
  • Complete confidence from using EMC test equipment 100% compliant to the relevant standards from the de facto supplier

Our Experts & Partners

Jens Medler

Jens Medler, Product Manager, EMC and Antenna Test

EMC is all about standards. We currently see many changes in automotive EMC standards for addressing the electromagnetic compatibility of electric vehicles and electric hybrid vehicles such as the charging mode and the integration of vehicles in a connected world. Enforcement of strict EMC limits can delay product certification, leading to lost revenue, added cost, and redesign headaches. R&S EMI Test Receivers and EMC test solutions determine the causes and effects of electromagnetic interference and ensure compliance with the relevant EMC standard.

Wolfram Titze

Wolfram Titze, Product Manager, Broadcast and Amplifier Solutions

“Due to the rapid development of electromobility and the generally growing number of connected electronic components in the car, electromagnetic susceptibility tests play an important role in the automotive industry. Successful tests guarantee reliable operation of the vehicle in an increasingly challenging electromagnetic environment. High power broadband amplifiers from R&S play an essential role in the test system set-up of our customers to meet current and future test challenges of their industry”

Automotive EMC testing videos

Webinar: Latest developments in CISPR Automotive EMI standards

This webinar adresses the applicability of FFT-based receivers for EMI compliance measurements against international standards, gives an inside view on the technology of such receivers and will conclude with practical use cases.

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Automotive measurements with R&S®ELEKTRA

Application Video: Elektra EMC software for automotive measurements

This video provides a general introduction to our new EMC software R&S®ELEKTRA and highlights some features with are relevant for automotive standards

Watch Video

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Featured products

R&S®ELEKTRA EMC software

  • Intuitive design for interactive and automatic EMC measurements
  • Covers most common EMC standards with predefined templates
  • Create EUT-specific test plans and reports

Product information

EMI test receivers

Full- or precompliance EMI test receiver from Rohde & Schwarz are essential in setups for conducted and radiated disturbance measurements.

Product information

EMC test systems

Rohde & Schwarz provide test systems to perform automated EMI and EMS measurements in line with international standarts.

Product information

Broadband amplifiers

Robust solid-state RF amplifiers for the frequency range of 4 kHz to 6 GHz with powers from 15 W to 13 kW. Ideal for EMC.

Product information

EMC accessories

Rohde & Schwarz offer a wide range of accessories for conducted and radiated disturbance voltage ans current measurements.

Product information


Opt for powerful Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes that excel in usability and functinality analyzing time domain, mixed signals, serial buses and frequency.

Product information

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Full-vehicle antenna testing

Customized full vehicle test (FVAT) systems to ensure correct antenna positioning and optimal radiationpatterns and to reduce electromagnetic interference.

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EMC compliance testing

Full compliance to CISPR, IEC, ISO and MIL standarts assured; reliable certification measurements in minimum test times.

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We support you trough all phases of the product lifecycle with an extensive and constantly growning portfolio of services.

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Automotive radar object simulation for validation

Advanced automotive radar test system (RTS) from Rohde & Schwarz that includes hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) and vehicle-in-the-loop (ViL).

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