Wireless communication tools

Wireless Communications Calculator

The Rohde & Schwarz wireless communications calculator is an essential tool for all wireless design engineers. It covers the most important cellular and non-cellular standards including 5G NR, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The calculator provides the channels and related frequencies, in numerical and graphical format, as well as the maximum UE power. The WCCpro version provides even more useful calculations for 5G RF engineers, such as PointA and center frequency, SLIV and many more.

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OTA Calculator

The OTA calculator is a versatile tool designed for telecommunications engineers, offering two calculation modes: link budget and field strength. With the ability to calculate free space path loss (FSPL), electrical/magnetic field strength, power flux density, and the thermal noise floor, the OTA calculator provides quick and accurate results to assess signal strength, coverage, and safety compliance in wireless communication systems.

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